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2 of the Earliest Serial Killers in History

Throughout history, the dark side of life has attracted many souls. Whether it be credited to a disturbed childhood or just within their nature, serial killers have existed throughout every era. Many serial killers paid for their crimes by staying locked behind bars for the rest of their lives, while some met gruesome deaths. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will take you through 2 of the earliest serial killers in history and the heartache they left behind.

Gilles de Rais (1404-40)

It is hard to tell who the first serial killer was, as international communication was not always a thing. However, Breton Nobleman Gilles de Rais is accredited as one of the earliest serial killers in history. He led an outstanding career, as a soldier in the Hundred Year’s War and a comrade in arms of Joan of Arc. He was appointed to the position of Marshal of France, which is the highest military distinction in France. However, he also led a very dark secret life. He was the perpetrator of more than a hundred gruesome child murders. This made him arguably the first serial killer. 

He lost both of his parents at a very young age and was raised by his maternal grandfather. He showed signs of hot-headedness since he was young as well, which translated into his adult life. Young children would go missing around de Rais’ castles, and many of these disappearances seemed to be connected to him and his servants. Witnesses had even seen his servants dispose of bodies at one of his castles in 1437. However, many feared accusing him because of their lower social class. It wasn’t until 1440, that he got arrested for kidnapping a priest after a dispute.

He finally confessed to the murder charges and to ritualistically torturing dozens of kids that were kidnapped by his servants. He was sentenced to death by simultaneous burning and hanging.

Peter Stump (1525-1589)

If you thought the werewolf fanatics started during the peak of Twilight, you are very off. In fact, the werewolf frenzy existed since the 16th century in Europe. Peter Stump, another of the earliest serial killers, proclaimed to be a werewolf gifted by the Devil himself. He claimed that he was granted the ability to turn into a hungry, killer beast. Although he was no werewolf, he truly was a beast. 14 children became victims of this cannibalistic animal. Within those children was his very own son. He also murdered two pregnant women and had an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

Peter received a gruesome execution for his horrific crimes. He was ordered to be put on a torture wheel, and after that, his head was severed and put on top of a pole next to a figure of a wolf. This was done to scare away any other people who wanted to claim themselves as werewolves too.

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