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3 Ways and Reasons to Ring In The New Year at Home

Ringing in 2021 will be different than any New Year’s we have ever experienced. Most people are looking forward to pushing 2020 out the door. Most people will celebrate the start of the new, and hopefully, better year in a calmer way because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Celebrating Amid Rise in Covid

This year  Covid-19 has caused traditions to become dangerous, and in some cases, impossible. You might be planning on singing “Auld Lang Syne” in your PJs, cup of chamomile in hand, you don’t have to let Covid burst your bubbles. By having virtual parties and small gatherings with your “pandemic pod” you can still have your bubbly favorites. Sardine packed parties and kissing strangers as the clock strikes 12 are off the table this year, but you can still make the best of your Dec. 31 celebrations and start 2021 off on the right foot. You just need to get creative.

Convenience, Comfort, and Memories

Sometimes just being able to stay home to celebrate is worth it. The stress of what to wear and even having a designated driver is gone. You are able to celebrate with those you are closest with and make new memories and possibly even a new tradition.

Virtual Celebrations – If hosting a virtual party seems like too much work at the last minute, why not join one? Your virtual party can join a number of pre-planned New Years’ digital celebrations going on around the globe. 

Host a Zoom Countdown – Some people don’t like the idea of video chatting with family and friends for more than a few minutes. If you’re one of those people, but don’t want to ring in the new year alone, try hosting a quick meetup during the last few minutes of 2020.

Movie Party – New Year’s Eve will be the perfect time to do dinner and a movie with those in your family or “pod”. Pick out a classic and watch it while eating delivery or a home-cooked meal.

Stay Out of Jail/Trouble

Drunk driving and other not so smart choices are often made during New Year’s Eve celebrations. This year staying home and celebrating at home will hopefully eliminate some of these unwise decisions. However, assaults and batteries are yet another set of crimes that are committed on New Year’s Eve, typically at a higher rate than on most other days of the year. These crimes also oftentimes involve drinking. Be mindful of everything you do while celebrating.

A-EZ Out is Here For You

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the reflections of the year past and the possibilities of the year to come. Your homebound New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day can still be romantic, nostalgic, and filled with traditions — old and new. For most people who chose to celebrate, it is an enjoyable evening. However, each and every year, there are people who end up arrested for crimes on New Year’s Eve. A person arrested on New Year’s Eve is going to want to be released from jail. In most cases, this requires the assistance of a bail bond professional. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is here for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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