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4 Common Crimes Committed During the Holidays

It’s the season of giving… and the season of taking. Crimes committed during the holidays are just a reality that we can’t really escape from. The last thing that we want to have to deal with during our quality family time is a burglary. Unfortunately, the cold weather and abundance of cash on hand makes the holiday months vulnerable to an increase in crime. In this post, we will explain why crime tends to spike during the holidays as well as identify four of the most common crimes that the holiday months see.

Why Does Crime Spike During the Holidays? 

Although the phenomenon has not been extensively studied, there is reason to believe that crime does in fact spike during the holiday months of October, November, and December. There are several theories behind this, but one of the most convincing arguments is that it stems from desperation. As the year comes to a close, oftentimes finances can start to wane for some individuals. Add this to the expectation of gift purchases, people can generally become more desperate to provide for their family and friends, leading to an increase in crime. The holidays also come with more time off from work, which means more time for crimes to take place. 

Common Crimes Committed During the Holidays 

While there is generally a spike in all types of crimes committed during the holidays, these four appear the most positively correlated to the season. 


Shoplifting is the act of stealing from a place of business while pretending to be a customer. This crime usually takes place during business hours and does not involve breaking and entering. 

It seems obvious that this particular type of crime would increase during the holidays as people struggle to afford gifts for family members. Thefts can range from small items that cost less than $10 to high quality electronics that can reach into the $1000 range. 


It’s no secret that drinking and holidays go hand in hand. The time off from work means you can be less concerned about the headache that you might feel the next day. So, it should come as no surprise that the months that contain the most holidays see a spike in DUI’s. 

New Year’s Eve has the most DUI’s of any day of the year with a spike of 116% when compared to the national average. Thanksgiving is close on the list with a 56% increase. 


A burglary is any act of entering a building or room illegally with the intent to commit a felony (usually theft). Gift-giving is a holiday tradition. Unfortunately, because this is such a well-known fact, many people see the holidays as an opportunity to get their hands on valuable items given as gifts. With all of the new items brought into homes, it’s no wonder that burglaries rise during the holiday months. 

Identity Theft

The advent of online shopping has left people particularly vulnerable to identity theft. In the months where shopping becomes a daily activity, the holidays are prime time for an identity thief to steal information. Beware of suspicious websites and emails when shopping this holiday season to avoid people with malicious intentions. 

Get Out of Jail for Your Crimes Committed During the Holidays 

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