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4 Factors That Help A Judge Determine Bail Amount

Bail amount is the first thing you need to know after you or a loved one has been arrested. After being processed, a judge will review the case in question and determine a fair amount of money to assign to the bail. In cases where the defendant doesn’t have the exact amount of money available to them to post, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will step in and provide it for you. But how does the bail amount get determined in the first place? Usually, the judge will take a few factors into consideration before the price is set:

The Severity of the Case

If a person has been arrested for a minor crime, chances are that the bail will be set pretty low. More serious crimes might warrant a higher amount, especially if the crime is severe enough to indicate the possibility of a defendant skipping town or involving other criminals. A higher bail will sometimes keep a defendant in jail longer during the period of time between the arrest and the official sentencing, and a judge might choose a high amount to prevent someone from being a danger to the community. Remember, bail is not set as a person’s punishment for a crime, but to encourage them to cooperate with the law throughout the court processes leading up to their official sentencing. 

Defendant’s Past Criminal Record

Defendants who have a history of continuous criminal activity might be at risk of being assigned a higher bail amount because of the risk that another crime might be committed. If you have a history of disregarding the law, a judge will be more likely to set a high bail amount for your release. Additionally, if the detained person has threatened a witness or has otherwise proven to pose some sort of danger to the public.

Employment Status

After an arrest, the time before the official hearing might be longer than simply a day or so. When defendants who are in otherwise good standing with the law are employed, a judge might be willing to post a cheaper bail in order to make it easier for them to continue their job without disruption. An arrest can disrupt many things, but it shouldn’t prevent you from maintaining a good reputation aat your place of employment while you awair your hearing.

Involvement in the Community

Being involved in your local community and maintaining good relationships will help the judge in charge of setting your bail amount decide that your presence in the community would be a beneficial thing. Having a positive relationship with your local community speaks volumes about your trustworthiness, and will give a judge more reason to believe that your release would be well-recieved and restorative.

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No matter what your bail amount is, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is here to help you through the process of being released from jail. We can get you the bail bonds you need at the speed you deserve. Call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds today!

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