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4 Times Santa Got Arrested for Holiday Crimes

These “Santa Claus Crimes” were committed by troublemakers who took advantage of the Christmas icon’s beloved reputation and ran amok in the neighborhood. Real “bad Santas” include parole violators, cat burglars, and thieves who deserve coal in their stocking. If you know someone who needs help getting out of jail this holiday season, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will bail them out – even if they’re wearing a white beard.

Here are four holiday crimes committed by some notoriously bad Santas.

Santa Claus the Cat Burglar

It was reported that a man dressed as Santa Claus was seen to be breaking and entering a Smart Stop Market in Redding, CA. The Redding Police Department got a phone call at 11 p.m. from someone reporting the burglary. Ironically enough, the Santa impersonator was on top of a roof carrying a large bag across his shoulders.

The witness informed the police that the burglar resembled Santa Claus; the suspect was spotted when he made a loud noise on top of the roof of the store. The witness then chased down the suspect as soon as he got off the roof and uncovered his large bag, finding plenty of cigarette cartons inside. 33-year-old John Trittle was identified and jailed for probation violation, burglary, and outstanding warrants.

Santa Breaks into Home

Burglary isn’t a laughing matter, but the man wearing a Santa costume nearly made it into a joke. One burglar dressed as Santa Claus found his way into homes on December 12, 2017, but hidden cameras captured footage of the burglar on the loose.

The suspect gave himself away quite easily by looking straight into the camera at one home, revealing a clear shot of a man with a distinctive mole on the side of his face. The burglar, who wasn’t wearing a fat suit, hopped to and from bedrooms, rummaged through jewelry boxes and belongings, and generally made a nuisance of himself. Luckily, police were able to catch him after seeing a good shot of his face.

Santa Takes Photos of Children

One registered sex offender, 40-year-old Stephen Brown, decided to buy himself a Santa Claus outfit and stand on the street outside of a Fenwicks’ store window in Newcastle, UK. Store security, alarmed, contacted nearby officers, who found out the convicted felon was the subject of a lifetime Sexual Offenses Prevention Order, otherwise known as a SOPO.  

This man had been previously arrested and had served jail time for the possession of indecent photographs and other offenses against children. He was re-arrested and escorted to the nearest police station.

Santa Jailed for Stealing Christmas Presents

The parade of Christmas thieves includes one bad Santa who stole enough Christmas presents from a single mom to give them to his own family. The burglar, 23-year-old Vashni Seleni Ulufale, was arrested and imprisoned for his crime. Ulufale’s legal counsel attempted to prohibit the publication of his photo online, citing that it would further publicly humiliate the caught thief and contribute to his suffering.

The police investigation that led to his discovery was aptly called “Operation Bad Santa”. Police found that Ulufale stole a TV set, jewelry, iPad, alcohol, and presents right out from underneath the tree, including a bicycle intended for the victim’s son. When Angela, the mother who was robbed, saw her things being auctioned off online, officers conducted a search warrant immediately.

Police unwrapped gifts in Ulufale’s home to see if any items matched. They found the bicycle Angela bought for her son, constructed and given as a gift to his child. Ulufale later wrote a letter of remorse and was “disowned” by his family after his arrest. His children came out to support him, however, and Ulufale was granted 16.5 months in jail.

If you notice any suspicious Santas sneaking around your neighborhood and peeking into windows, don’t hesitate to let the authorities know!

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