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5 Of The Dumbest Criminals Ever

Prepare to have a good laugh, the story of these criminals will have you at the edge of your seat. Best of all, if you are feeling embarrassed about your own arrest, this will provide you with comedic relief and comfort knowing you are not alone. Here are 5 of the dumbest criminals ever and the even funnier ways they were caught.

If you have been arrested, you are not alone. Call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds anytime you need to get out of jail. We help all people who have been arrested with no judgment, don’t hesitate to call us even if you feel like you are one of the dumbest criminals ever, trust us, you’re not.

Double Caught

In New York, a man named Blake Leak tried to break into a mini-mart. The police were called and chased him down. Unfortunately, they tripped and fell during the chase, and Leak used this chance to escape their grasp. 

He stumbled upon the grounds of an establishment that appeared to him as if it would provide him with a good hiding spot, so he hid there. Leak had made a funny miscalculation in doing this, it turned out he was on the grounds of the Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison where a guard grabbed him.

Don’t Do Drugs

Don’t include yourself in this group of dumbest criminals ever. You’ve heard it once, maybe even a million times, don’t do drugs. In this particular instance, these criminals weren’t doing drugs, but what they were doing wasn’t much better. 

Three thieves broke into the home of an unsuspecting woman in Florida. The 3 drug musketeers thought it was their lucky day when found three large jars of cocaine. They smuggled them home to enjoy the contents when they discovered the contents were not their drug of choice, but the remains of the widowed woman’s husband and two dogs.

Take A Good Look Before You Rob Someone

A barista was serving people coffee, per usual, when a man cuts in front of the two men in line. The interrupter threw a drink in the barista’s face and demanded the money in the cash drawer. In his rush to rob the coffee shop, he didn’t see that the two men he cut in front of were two police officers in full uniform. The officers acted fast and handcuffed the criminal.

A Man Walks Into A Bar

First, a man walks into a bar, then he walks into a hotel. He demands a room from the hotel clerk, only to discover that the clerk was a state trooper, and the hotel was a state trooper station. He was promptly arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Back To School Or Back To Jail?

Two men were making plans to rob an office supply store. They picked out the perfect day to commit the robbery, during the busiest event of any office supply store: Back To School. With the store at its busiest, they figured the clerks would be too busy to notice or stop them. They miscalculated slightly, and the event turned out to be a Shop With A Cop day, where there were no fewer than 60 police officers at the store.

Call A-EZ Out

Call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds anytime you have been arrested in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. We will help you even when you feel like one of the dumbest criminals ever. Trust us, you are far from it. No matter what you were arrested for, we can help get you out. Call us at (214) 749-5600, or contact us anytime. Don’t add yourself to the list of dumbest criminals ever by not calling us, just call us when you need help.

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