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6 Advantages of Going Home Until Your Trial

After you’ve posted bail, you will most likely have the opportunity to go home and await your next court date. Time in jail passes very slowly, so going home might sound like the best thing ever, but there are actually several advantages to choosing to wait things out at home rather than in jail.

At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, we know anytime you run afoul of the law, there is bound to be stress and uncertainty. Will you be treated fairly? Will you be able to make bail? We’ve got the latter covered for you! Our friendly bail bond agents are available to write bail bonds 24/7 in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton Counties. Call us anytime you or a loved one needs a way out!

Here are six reasons why you might want to go home after bonding out, and one reason you might elect to stay in jail.

The Benefits of Going Home:

1). You Can See Your Family

Your family is no doubt eager to be reunited with you. They can offer lots of support during this trying time. If you have children, seeing you back home might help alleviate their anxiety and show them that you’re okay.

2). You Can Return to Work

If your family depends on you for money, going home can give you the chance to keep earning and contributing to the household’s needs. (You’ll obviously want to give your employer a heads-up about your legal situation and pending court dates.) You won’t get this opportunity in jail.

3). You Have Free Time

Your time with your attorney and your visitors is very limited when you’re in jail. If you go home, you have much more freedom to take care of tasks and errands, help your lawyer build your case, fill out paperwork, and do other things you need to do.

4). You Could Get Reduced Bail

If you have the option to take electronic monitoring, doing so could qualify you for a reduced bail amount. Electronic monitoring, as with an ankle monitor, is an effective way to keep tabs on your location, so you are seen as less of a flight risk. Less risk usually equals a lower bail.

5). You Won’t Incriminate Yourself

You are under constant surveillance in a jail. If the officers and other inmates aren’t watching you, the cameras are. Anything you do or say can be used to build a case against you. The less time you spend in jail, the less likely you are to do or say something that can be interpreted as incriminating.

6). You Probably Won’t Plead Guilty

Once you’ve been arrested, detectives have one goal: to get you to plead guilty. They might try underhanded tactics or ask leading questions, especially if you don’t have an attorney present. Some arrestees end up pleading guilty just so the interrogations and harassment will end. Get out of jail as soon as you can to avoid this pitfall.

All that said, there is one circumstance under which you might prefer to stay in jail: credit for time served. If you think you’ll likely be prosecuted and sentenced to prison, your time on the inside could be reduced if you’ve already spent time in jail while awaiting trial. This isn’t a sure thing, however; you’ll almost certainly be better off spending your downtime at home.

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