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The City of Denton, TX

Located in far North Dallas along Interstate 35, Denton is a college town known for its art and music life. The city is home to The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, 35 Denton Music Festival, and the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo along with its vibrant music culture. Because of its two universities and over 45,000 enrolled students, educational services are an important part of Denton’s economy. A relatively safe city, Denton’s crime rate is considered low compared to most large Texas cities.

Crime in Denton, TX

However, with a constantly large influx of people every year, Denton sees its fair share of arrests. Denton residents report an average of 4,000 crimes per year, mostly consisting of property crimes. In Denton, you have a 1 in 41 chance of being a victim of theft, burglary or another property crime. When it comes to violent crime, Denton residents have a 1 in 318 chance of becoming a victim. The Denton Police Department’s mission is to make Denton a safe, sustainable, and livable city for everyone. The Denton Police Department has served the city of Denton since 1920 and continues to live out its mission. The Denton County Jail is located off Woodrow Lane and houses most of Denton’s inmates.

A-EZ Out is Your Way Out

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is fully committed to keeping you out of jail entirely. It’s our goal to ensure no one stays a single night at the Denton County Jail so long as they haven’t been convicted of a crime. Here’s how we make that happen:

  • We Act Fast to Secure the Bond. We have brought our many years of bail bonds experience throughout Texas to Denton County. We understand that anyone can run into a patch of bad luck, wrongful identification, or moments of poor decision-making. During our time serving North Texas, we’ve solidified our expertise within the justice system and getting inmates out of jail. We have in-depth experience with courts, law enforcement, jails, and detention facilities. We’ve built positive relationships with individuals throughout the North Texas municipal justice systems, becoming familiar with the ropes. Through these experiences, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds knows when and how to act quickly to secure your bond and get you back to freedom.
  • We Offer Payment Options. Most bail bond companies expect you to make full payments without offering any aid. Instead of seeing you as a person in need of help, they see you as an opportunity. Unlike most bail bond companies, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds cares about your wellbeing and legal safety. That’s why we offer payment plans, financing, and other payment options. We put your freedom first.
  • At A-EZ Out, You’re the Top Priority. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds sets up payment options for two things: secure the bond quickly, and reduce the immediate impact to your family’s budget. Additionally, we absolutely refuse to charge the highest allowable rates. Instead, we give you the best prices in Denton County, along with the entire state of Texas. Our prices simply can’t be beaten.
  • We Work With You. If you can’t pay upfront, we’ll work with you through special financing to ensure your responsibilities are met while still allowing you to live your life and meet your financial obligations.

Getting You the Freedom You Deserve

No one should be in jail if they haven’t been convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, many arrested individuals who are innocent will plead guilty or accept a lesser charge simply to get out of jail so they can get back to their jobs, families, and lives. We understand the uncertainty and hopelessness of being in jail and not knowing when you’ll return home. Unfortunately, law enforcement is eager to get a confession, so they end up pressuring you with threats of losing your job, your reputation, and perhaps even custody of your children. At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds we understand that’s not fair, so we’ve built our entire business in a way to prevent those occurrences.

Call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds First

If you or anyone you know is in jail or arrested in Denton County, choose a bail bond company that truly cares about you and your humanity. We understand that you would do anything for your freedom, so we do the same. We understand that bad thing can happen to good people. Let us help you with your legal troubles today. Call or visit our new Denton office to see how we can serve you.

Bail Bonds Denton

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