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The City Of Dallas, TX

Going through the arrest process can be scary, and you need a good support system to help you get through it. If you have been arrested in Dallas or anywhere in the surrounding area, you have come to the right place. Get your bail bonds in Dallas with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds. We will grant you a speedy release, so you can await trial from home.

About Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a massive city loaded with potential. With a population of about 1.3 million people, Dallas is ranked as the 3rd largest city in Texas and the 9th largest in the USA. As the city has grown in size and importance, numerous people have come here to be a part of the booming job and real estate markets. With the impressive medical presence in the city and so many hospitals and medical schools within its borders, Dallas has become a hub for medical students and specialists. The technology boom has also attracted many out-of-state workers looking for tech jobs.

Of course, it’s not all work in the Big D. Dallasites love their entertainment. From professional sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Stars to shopping, dining, and concert destinations, you can find a lot of everything in the DFW Metroplex.

But when you end up on the wrong side of the law, it’s also a place that can be confusing, perilous, and intimidating. Where you end up when picked up for a crime like a DWI will depend on the locational jurisdiction. Get your bail bonds in Dallas through A-EZ Out!

Municipal And County Jails in the Dallas County

There are 31 cities in Dallas County, and each has its own municipal jail. If you are arrested within the actual city of Dallas, you will be taken to one of the three detention centers in the Lew Sterrett complex: the North Tower, South Tower, or West Tower. Where you end up depends on the severity of your charges and your mental state at the time.

Thankfully, we at A-EZ Out Bail Bonds make decoding the system a lot easier by offering citywide support, immediate availability whenever you need us, and the lowest prices in town. If you or a loved one are picked up for a crime in Dallas or one of the five counties that claim parts of it, then here’s what you will get from us.

  • A Hands-On Approach. At A-EZ Out, you’re not a felon or an inmate to us. You’re a customer, and you deserve respect. We give it to you by going above and beyond what our competitors do. Each inquiry is taken seriously. Our contacts within the various detention centers and courts help us act more quickly than most so we can initiate the procedural paperwork right after we get your request.
  • The Lowest Prices Around. The way we see it, there are two ways to offer the lowest prices in town. 1) Study the market to know what others are charging and do better than they’re doing; or 2) On the rare occasion one of them beats us, beat them back with a price that eclipses their own. That’s how we consistently lead the pack, regardless of whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor arrest, warrant, traffic ticket, DWI bail bond, or probation violation we’re dealing with.
  • No Credit Check. We know that bail isn’t always the easiest thing to afford. Most of our clients just don’t have the cash. That’s why they come to us in the first place. It also doesn’t matter if your credit report has taken a few dings over the years. You can use our service without any need for a credit check! And if you can’t afford the amount, no worries. We’ve got your back with an easy, flexible payment plan that allows you to pay it off in time without having to wait for your release.

Unparalleled Convenience

We make the bail process as easy as possible. That’s especially appreciated by our first-time clients who’ve never had to deal with red tape. How do we do it? In a number of ways.

  • All Forms of Payment. Check, money order, credit card — we offer more ways to pay than most other bail bondsmen. Our technology platforms are fully capable of expediting payment, whether it’s electronic, paper, or plastic. Bail is complex enough. Payment shouldn’t be.
  • Zero Percent Payment Plans. Seriously, who would want to pour salt in the wound of a person dealing with being arrested? We’re not about that. We’re here to help, and that means not making your situation worse than it is.
  • Speak Spanish. There has been greater scrutiny on undocumented immigrants over the last few years. We know how scary it must feel to be incarcerated in a country that doesn’t share your native tongue. Unfortunately, the scrutiny is there, and Hispanics are most often the targets. “Se Habla Español,” so you can come to us without fear or hesitation.
  • Mobile Bonds. We will come to you. This is especially beneficial if all you’ve got is your one phone call and you’re stuck somewhere in the Dallas correctional megaplex. Make your call to us and we can come to the facility or conference with a loved one acting on your behalf in order to expedite the next steps.
  • Every Last Detail. Don’t forget our online defendant check-in app and our free warrant checks. We go the extra mile for your peace of mind.

Affordable and Speedy Bail Bonds in Dallas, Texas

If you need bail bonds in Dallas, you have come to the right place. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds has been providing speedy releases for many decades. We know the ins and outs of the justice system, so we can get you out quicker than other bail bond companies. Our team works around the clock, every day of the year. Get in touch with one of our bondsmen, so we can get started on your case.

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