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Bail Eligibility: Reasons You Might Be Denied Bail

Growing up, we were always taught to be on the right side and avoid trouble. Sometimes, as much as we try to be on the right side, we may still find ourselves in tight spots. For most people, being arrested is quite scary, and they do everything to avoid it, at all costs.

When you are arrested, you can be granted bail or denied bail. If your bail is granted, you will be released from jail before your trial. However, bail can also be denied for several reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons why a judge may decide to deny a suspect bail.

Crime severity

The severity of the crime is one of the biggest reasons a judge will have for denying bail. If someone is charged with a crime that is particularly violent, such as murder, rape, or armed robbery, it can be difficult for them to obtain bail. The judge could rule that the severity of the criminal act is too severe for them to be safely released to society before their trial.

Missing court dates

If you are waiting on a trial you need to be responsible and make it to the pre-trial court dates. If you are not making it to court when scheduled, you might have your bail denied. Missing court dates makes you look like you’re unable to accept even the most basic level of responsibility. Bail is a privilege, not a right, a judge might look unfavorably at you for not showing up to court when expected.

Flight risk

Being granted bail means you have been granted trust. This trust is made with the understanding that you are going to stay in the region and show up to your trial. However, if a judge believes you will use bail to try and flee the country, they have the right to not grant it. If you have a longstanding criminal record with previous instances of trying to flee, this could definitely be considered a flight risk.

Threat to the public

Bail is granted to suspects who are not deemed as a threat to the public. A suspect who is charged with a crime that is violent, such as terrorism, rape, murder, etc., could be perceived as a threat. The judge must put the safety of the public in mind when considering granting a suspect bail. If they believe that giving a suspect bail would put the safety of other people at stake, they have the right to deny it.

Repeat Offense

If you have been convicted of a crime multiple times, your bail will most likely be denied. Repeating offenses shows that you are not learning a lesson. A judge will view your bail application with a lot of hesitancy because you have shown that you cannot be trusted easily. 

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