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Bail For Repeat Offenders and Probation Violators

People post bail for a variety of reasons, ranging from domestic violence to probation violation. No matter the offense for which you were originally arrested, the law considers violating probation a serious infraction.

What can repeat offenders do to get the best bail decision?

The best thing repeat offenders can do is to retain an attorney before the bail hearing, so that they have someone to advocate on their behalf. It can also be helpful to have a plan for where they will be living while out on bail and to demonstrate that not being out on bail will present a hardship, such as job loss for a person who is the main source of income for a family or causing child care issues for single parents.

Have You Violated Probation?

Violating probation means that you have broken the conditions of your release. Basically, two types of probation violations exist. Technical violations are those that pertain to specific or general rules associated with probation. A substantive violation refers to breaking the law, committing a new offense.

You may have failed to attend drug or alcohol treatment or counseling, for instance. You may have broken the conditions of a restraining order or failed to attend a meeting with your probation officer. Other ways to violate probation include not paying fines or restitution in time, traveling outside of a restricted area, and committing other illegal offenses.

If you violate probation, you could receive a warning. In some cases, you may need to appear in court. When you appear in court, you could face arrest. For this reason, have a bail bonds company on standby.

Is It Hard to Post Bail After Violating Probation?

If you violate the conditions of your release, the court will hold you responsible. The consequences of violating probation could include jail time and harsh monetary fines. Having to renew your bail release is another one of these potential consequences. Violating probation can make posting bail very difficult, but that does not mean it is impossible. You may have to pay a higher bond amount as a result.

The court will determine if you can receive bail based on the likelihood you would receive a prison sentence for the crime you are accused. The court will also consider if you are a danger to the public or someone else. For instance, you may not be granted bail if you broke a restraining order and threatened to harm somebody, especially if your first offense involved this other person.

If you do get out on bail after a probation violation, you need to be aware of the fact that the conditions of your bond may change. You may have more conditions added to your probation in order to stay out of jail. 

What Should You Do Next?

Getting in touch with a professional is an important step. Whether you arrange bail for yourself or a loved one does it for you, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds can help you identify the bail amount and the next steps for release.

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