Kenneth Lay and Jeffery Skilling arrested for fraud in 2001.

True Crime Weekly: Kenneth Lay

Read how Kenneth Lay became the personification of corporate greed. If you also stand accused of a white-collar crime, ask A-EZ Out Bail Bonds how we can help.

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This is how you can stop police brutality in Dallas

What Should I Do When I See Someone Getting Arrested? 5 Tips to Prevent Police Brutality

This is how you can stop police brutality in your neighborhood.

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The OxyMonster used the dark web to sell illicit drugs across international borders

True Crime Weekly: The OxyMonster

On this week’s episode of dumbest criminals ever, Gal Vallerius aka The OxyMonster gets caught when he enters the United States for a beard competition.

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someone behind jail bars

Bail Them Out of Jail? 5 Factors to Consider

If your friend or relative has gotten arrested, you might not know whether to bail them out or not. Consider what they were arrested for, your trust in them, the risks, the bail amount, as well as how it would benefit them greatly to be out of jail.

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one man assaulting another in a tunnel

Were You Arrested for Battery or Assault?

Battery and assault are treated as two different crimes in Texas. If you are charged with either of them, you could serve time in jail, pay a large fee, or both. Here’s how A-EZ Out Bail Bonds can help.

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car pulled over by police

Follow These Tips for a Safe Interaction with the Police

If you get pulled over or arrested, maintain your composure. You have the right to remain silent and a right to an lawyer. Tell the truth or don’t speak at all. Keep your arms where they can see them.

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