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6 Advantages of Going Home Until Your Trial

After you’ve posted bail, you will most likely have the opportunity to go home and await your next court date. Time in jail passes very slowly, so going home might sound like the best thing ever, but there are actually several advantages to choosing to wait things out...

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How Fingerprints are Used and Obtained

You might be surprised to hear that fingerprint identification, while a modern forensic concept, was actually successfully used in the first criminal case in 1892. Due to its high reliability, fingerprint identification continues to be the trusted method for solving...

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Get Out Of Jail Now Coupon

$20 off your bond

Take an additional $20 off your bond with this coupon.

Must be printed and handed to your bail agent at the time of payment to qualify. 


Applies only to the bond fee


Bond must be paid in full


Can be used at any location

Getting arrested is never a pleasant experience, so enjoy this coupon to ease the pain!