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4 Times Santa Got Arrested for Holiday Crimes

These “Santa Claus Crimes” were committed by troublemakers who took advantage of the Christmas icon’s beloved reputation and ran amok in the neighborhood. Real “bad Santas” include parole violators, cat burglars, and thieves who deserve coal in their stocking. If you know someone who needs help getting out of jail this holiday season, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will bail them out – even if they’re wearing a white beard.

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10 of the Wildest Thanksgiving Day Crimes that Ever Took Place

Thanksgiving should be a time of getting together with family and loving them with everything you’ve got, calling out the things you’re thankful for together. Regretfully, not everybody thinks the same way, and some use Thanksgiving as an excuse to pull off crimes as they so choose. This week, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds takes a look at some of the zaniest Thanksgiving hijinks we’ve ever heard of.

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How to Bail Out Your Loved One Over the Holidays

It’s a sad but unfortunate reality that many people find themselves behind bars during the most joyous time of year – the holidays. Whether your loved one is behind bars for a warrant, misdemeanor, traffic ticket or even felony charge, there’s a way to bail them out quickly without missing a beat. At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, we believe no one should be separated from their family during the holidays, so we provide bail bond services 24/7, even on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here’s how to bail out your loved one for each arrest scenario so you can be together for the holidays.

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The Brewing Legal Battle Over Dallas Bail Reform

There’s a legal battle over the system of bail in Dallas County, and elements are coming to a head. The sides are coming to an agreement and met on Thursday the 17th to strike an agreement, and they had a professional mediator sitting in the midst of them. A big table...

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6 Advantages of Going Home Until Your Trial

After you’ve posted bail, you will most likely have the opportunity to go home and await your next court date. Time in jail passes very slowly, so going home might sound like the best thing ever, but there are actually several advantages to choosing to wait things out...

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How Fingerprints are Used and Obtained

You might be surprised to hear that fingerprint identification, while a modern forensic concept, was actually successfully used in the first criminal case in 1892. Due to its high reliability, fingerprint identification continues to be the trusted method for solving...

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