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Getting a Bail Bond For Felonies

Felonies are the most serious crimes, which carry severe punishments, including significant jail time, large fines, and limited rights following charges. Therefore, it is important to seek legal counseling with a defense attorney as soon as possible after you have been arrested for a felony. In order to get the counsel you need, you will want to be released from custody right away, which is where the services of A-EZ Out Bail Bonds come in. Our Dallas office provides service around the clock to help you get released quickly so that you can focus on your case instead of sitting behind bars. Keep reading to learn more about felony charges and bail bonds so that you know what to do when you have been arrested for a felony.

What Constitutes a Felony?

Felonies may be violent or non-violent crimes, and by definition, they are punishable by at least 366 days of imprisonment. After release from prison, a felony may stick with you, causing difficulty in seeking employment and housing opportunities. There are many different types of crimes that are considered felonies, and these include certain types of drug possession and distribution, kidnapping, fraud, murder, tax evasion, theft, burglary, arson, and battery. In some cases, felonies will have an aggravated sentence, which will include longer terms of imprisonment. An aggravated sentence will typically be applied when an accomplice was present during the crime, the victim was over 65 years of age, or the crime is considered particularly appalling.

What Happens During the Arrest Process?

If you are arrested for a felony, you will be booked and processed by the local police department or county sheriff. Your fingerprints are taken, as well as your photograph. If you have any belongings on you, those will be taken away and documented. You may also learn about your arraignment date, which is when you face the judge at court and they tell you what you are being convicted of, as well as if you qualify for bail. Larger jails will have longer booking times, so it may take up to 24 hours to be processed for a crime. 

What Can Be Expected with a Felony Bail Bond?

Once you have been arrested and booked, a friend or family member may serve as a mediator, meaning that he or she will come to us for a bail bond. This will allow you to be released from custody. A felony bail bond will serve as an agreement to appear in court so that the legal process may be carried out. 

Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, you deserve the right to see your family and contact an attorney, which is why you will want to use our services. There are many types of bail bonds including felony DWI bail bonds, drug charge bail bonds, non-violent crimes bail bonds, assault bail bonds, and much more. 

When you get a bail bond with us, you only need to pay a small percentage of the bail amount. Our team covers the rest. This makes getting out of jail affordable and quicker, so you can prepare with an attorney for court. 

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds Has Your Back

The bail amount the judge sets for you is determined by the nature of the crime you have been charged with, your financial ability to make bail, and your character based on work and criminal history. However, even if the bail is set high, our team can bail you out for a much lower rate. As long as you show up to all of the trial and court dates, you won’t need to pay us back for it. Felonies are the most serious crimes to commit, and you need to build a good defense system for court. Give A-EZ Out Bail Bonds a call today, so we can get you out of jail as quickly as possible, so you can build your defense.

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