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Get Help for Outstanding Traffic Violations in Dallas Fort Worth Area Courts

While a traffic ticket in and of itself is not a serious problem, unpaid traffic tickets can become a costly issue that might affect your ability to drive legally. It can be easy to miss a court date or forget to pay a traffic ticket on time, but getting your driving record and finances back in order after dealing with outstanding traffic tickets may be a bit more complicated. 

At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, we can help you deal with unpaid fines, speeding tickets, arrest warrants, and other issues associated with unpaid traffic tickets without paying the full sum of fines and penalties, which could add up quickly if you don’t take action. If you are facing big traffic fines or have a warrant out for a missed court appearance, you can count on our Dallas office to help you with a bail bond so that you are not stuck accepting a guilty plea and dealing with the consequences.

Potential Consequences for Unpaid Tickets

When you have outstanding traffic tickets, you may have your driver’s license suspended, meaning that you will not be able to legally drive. You might also suffer from higher insurance premiums because you will have a violation of your traffic record. What’s more, is that you may have ever-growing surcharges to worry about as the ticket remains unpaid.

How Bail Bonds Work for Traffic Tickets

Most people associate bail bonds with the arrest process, so they don’t consider how a bail bond may help in the case of traffic tickets due to reckless driving. However, bail bonds may be an effective measure for dealing with unpaid tickets if you do not have the funds to pay your fines outright. Just one ticket can lead to thousands of dollars in fines if it is left unpaid because surcharges and late fees will stack up fast. A bail bond will only require you to pay a fraction of your total fines—generally somewhere in the neighborhood of 10%. Once you attain a bond, you can set a court date, which might give you the opportunity to reduce your fines and avoid dings against your driving record that will affect your ability to drive and carry insurance.

Why You Should Not Settle for Hefty Traffic Fines

Even if you have the means to pay for your traffic tickets, on the whole, you should consider the benefits of setting a court date instead. If you simply go to court and pay your fines, you will be entering a guilty or no contest plea, which means that you will suffer more serious consequences for a simple traffic ticket. Setting a trial offers you an opportunity to state your case and achieve a fairer outcome.

Get in Touch With A-EZ Out Bail Bonds

If you want the opportunity to negotiate a fairer outcome with the court, get a bail bond with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds. Our team is available 24/7, any day of the week. Just give us a call, and we will help you start your case right away. You can fill out the paperwork and pay a small percentage of the bond over the phone. Let’s get started right away and get those traffic tickets taken care of.

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