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Do you need walk-through bonds? One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing there is a warrant out for your arrest. Every knock on the door could be the police coming to arrest you. When you go out, you’re worried about every police car you see. What if they run your plates and see that you have warrants? You worry about getting pulled over and arrested, possibly leaving your family stranded, and being taken away to jail in front of your kids. If you need walk-through bonds you’ve come to the right place.

When you’re ready to do the right thing and face the music, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds can help. Our walk-through bond service helps people who have outstanding warrants face their charges responsibly and take the right steps toward a clean record.

What Are Walk-Through Bonds?

If you know there is a warrant out for your arrest, a walk-thru bond can help. With a walk-thru bond, the accused person notifies a bail bond agent before they have been arrested so they can arrange for bail, cancel the warrant, and receive a new court date. This allows you to avoid a public arrest and minimize the amount of time you spend in jail.

Who Benefits from Walk-Through Bonds?

Walk-thru bonds are a great option for anyone who has a warrant out for their arrest. This can be for any crime, from excessive traffic violations to probation violations or worse.

Missing a court date is a very common reason for a warrant to be issued. This could be from getting a traffic ticket that you couldn’t pay, or from failing to appear in court after a previous arrest. These are some of the most common warrants, and also some of the most common reasons to use a walk-thru bond.

These aren’t the only reasons a walk-thru bond could be useful. They are also helpful with more serious charges like robbery and even murder. In these cases, when the accused person prepares to turn themselves in, their attorney and bail bonds agent work together to minimize their time behind bars.

How do Walk-Through Bonds Work?

In most cases, a bail bonds agent is the only resource necessary to execute a walk-thru bond. The accused person comes to see us in our office and tells us about the warrants we need to deal with. Then, we contact the court to verify the warrant and check for any others. Once we have this information, you can purchase your bond and we will accompany you to the police station.

They will go through the same booking steps that they would if you had been arrested; fingerprints, booking photos, an inventory of personal belongings. You may be detained for a short time while the bail bonds agent finalizes the bond payment and arranges your release. You will leave with a new court date to pay the remainder of your fines or argue your case.

Why Use Walk-Through Bonds?

Walk-thru bonds save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of a public arrest. This is especially helpful if you have children or dependents who could be with you if you were to be caught. It also helps you avoid being located and arrested at your workplace, which could endanger your job.

It also demonstrates goodwill to the court. It shows that you are responsible and willing to proactively settle your case. This can only help your case in the long run.

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