Defendants in Dallas, TX, can use felony bail bonds to be released from jail pending the outcome of their cases. Although many individuals are allowed to use violent and non-violent crime bail bonds, there are still plenty of misconceptions about them. For example, it’s often thought that the bail bondsman who arranges felony bail bonds can negotiate a lower amount with the judge. In fact, only the defendant or the lawyer can do this. However, by working with a bail bondsman, the defendant and his or her family can indeed avoid paying the full amount of the bail. This is because felony bail bonds work by arranging for the release of the defendant in exchange for a nonrefundable percentage of the bail amount.

Another common myth about bail is that the defendant might still have to spend days behind bars because it takes a long time to be released. This is entirely dependent on how quickly the family contacts a bail bondsman. As soon as a bail bondsman receives the necessary information, he or she can get right to work on arranging the release.

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