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Can You Bring Children to a Court Hearing?

At A-EZ Out, we’re dedicated to educating our clients so they can have the best shot at a good outcome when their court date arrives. If your date is coming up soon, you might be wondering what to do with your children. It’s important for your children to understand what’s happening with their parents, but bringing your kids to court is almost never a good idea. Here’s more about the repercussions of bringing your children into the courtroom and how to navigate the legal process when you have kids. 

Why Most Courts Don’t Allow Children

The biggest reason we advise against bringing your children to court is that most judges won’t allow minors to be present during their hearings. This means your kids will most likely be forced to wait outside the courtroom, and the courthouse staff won’t be able to look after them for you. Children can be disruptive during court hearings, and judges don’t like being interrupted. Hire a babysitter or ask a friend or family member to look after your kids, but don’t bring them to court.

Why Bringing Your Children Can Make a Bad Impression

Bringing your children to court might seem like a way to make a good impression on the judge or jury, but the opposite is usually true. When you’re in court, the staff and jury expects you to be quiet and respectful. Even if your children aren’t kicked out of the courtroom, they’re likely to be disruptive and loud. That’s why bringing your kids into the room can paint you as disrespectful or inconsiderate of others, which won’t have a positive impact on your outcome. Additionally, court can be confusing and even scary for a child, and bringing them might make your situation harder to process. 

How to Navigate Court Dates With Children

When it comes to explaining court to your children, you have a few options. There are many childrens’ books dedicated to helping them understand what happens in court, and most child counselors also know how to navigate this difficult topic. You could even try explaining things to them on your own, but we recommend doing some research first. When the date arrives, your children will feel much more comfortable knowing what’s going on with you, and you’ll be able to send them to a babysitter or family member until your hearing is over. 

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