These “Santa Claus Crimes” were committed by troublemakers who took advantage of the Christmas icon’s beloved reputation and ran amok in the neighborhood. Real “bad Santas” include parole violators, cat burglars, and thieves who deserve coal in their stocking. If you know someone who needs help getting out of jail this holiday season, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will bail them out – even if they’re wearing a white beard.

Thanksgiving should be a time of getting together with family and loving them with everything you’ve got, calling out the things you’re thankful for together. Regretfully, not everybody thinks the same way, and some use Thanksgiving as an excuse to pull off crimes as they so choose. This week, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds takes a look at some of the zaniest Thanksgiving hijinks we’ve ever heard of.

What happens when a murder subject becomes at large? This June, Harris County Court placed a murder suspect on bond this summer with an ankle monitor to track his whereabouts. But the GPS company repossessed his ankle monitor for late fees in September, leaving the murder suspect effectively at large in the city of Houston, …

Repo’d Ankle Monitor Left Murder Suspect At Large Read More »

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for statewide bail reform after officer Damon Allen was killed in 2017. The man who killed Allen was previously convicted of assaulting an officer in 2015, and ramming into a Smith County deputy’s car in 2017. He served one year in jail for the first conviction, and was released on …

Public Benefits at Risk as Dallas Bail Reform Talks Continue Read More »

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