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Christmas Party Fun That Can Get You Into Trouble with the Law

Hosting a Christmas party comes with a lot of perks. You get to decorate your home as much as you’d like, you get to choose the food and drinks, the time you people arrive and send home, the music, and so on. You are in control of the fun. However, throwing a Christmas party also comes with a load of responsibilities. You are responsible for your guests’ safety and can be held accountable for their actions too. We will get into more detail below. Before you throw your Christmas party, make sure you are aware of the responsibilities and legal issues associated with it.


There is no denying that pets are cute and that most of your guests will admire them, but it’s important to think of the hazard they bring. If your pet is aggressive, or if you will have guests that won’t know how to properly interact with them and might aggravate your pets, you might want to put them away during the party. If your pet bites or injures your guests, you will be liable for the injuries.

Noise Levels

It’s easy to get lost in the moment and crank the music up a little too loud. Remember that you have neighbors and be respectful of the regulations in your neighborhood. If your music is too loud and your neighbors find it intrusive, they can report you to the police. This can get you into legal trouble, especially if you already received a warning.

Over-Serving Your Guests

In some states, you can be held liable if one of your guests drinks at your party, drives, and gets into an accident. Encourage your guests to drink responsibly or to avoid drinking, and make sure to monitor any guests that appear to have had too much to drink. Help them sober up and help them find a safe way to get home. You don’t want to be held accountable for your guests’ actions and mistakes, but this is one of the legal issues associated with hosting a Christmas party.


Make sure your guests don’t go wandering onto your neighbors’ property. Not only is that awkward for you and your neighbors, but you can be held accountable for trespassing.

Underage Drinking and Illegal Drugs

If you will be hosting underaged guests, you can be held liable for providing them with alcohol. Even if you didn’t hand it to them, if they have easy access to it, you can still get in trouble with the law. And the law doesn’t take underage drinking lightly, nor does it go lightly on illegal drugs. Stay away from illegal drugs and underage drinking at your Christmas party.

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