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Concerns Rise About Denton Jail Conditions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to remember that some populations are at a higher risk of contracting the virus than the rest of us. Inmates in jails and prisons, for example, are much more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than the general population, and need more protective measures to contain the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, jails and prisons across the country have failed to keep their inmates safe and Denton County Jail is only the latest to be criticized for allegedly poor living conditions.

Denton County Jail and COVID-19

The Denton County Jail announced its new COVID-19 regulations in March, which include testing symptomatic inmates and isolating new inmates for two weeks to monitor them for symptoms. The jail has had 44 positive cases among inmates and 19 among the guards. Around the same time, Governor Greg Abbott passed an order for violent or ex-violent offenders to only be released on private bail bonds, which kept many inmates from accessing bail and reducing the jail population. 

Denton County Jail also reached out to a local business, Rose Costumes, and asked for a donation of face masks designed to be safe for inmates. Rose Costumes agreed, and has spent the last several months delivering thousands of handmade masks to the jail.

Social Media Raises Concerns About Jail Conditions

Last week, photos were released that allegedly showed the living conditions inside Denton County Jail. The picture showed two women living in a pod with mold, an overflowing garbage can, and a clogged toilet. The women were also wearing paper face masks, and not the orange and grey masks Rose Costumes had donated.

A Denton attorney named Sarah Morris affirms claims about the jail’s living conditions, and shared a story about a client who contracted COVID-19 in the jail and is still recovering from it at home.

Another attorney, named James Roberts, says his firm is in the middle of an ongoing investigation into the conditions of the Denton County Jail. Roberts called the conditions of the jail “Deplorable,” “inhumane,” and “unconstitutional.”

Denton County Jail Responds

Sheriff Tracy Murphee has said the pictures and claims of bad conditions in the jail were unfounded, stating that the jail had passed its inspection and that the talk of a widespread COVID-19 problem among inmates was false.

After 13 inmates tested positive for COVID-19 in early July, Murphee stated the women would be isolated and all inmates would be tested for the virus. The 13 women were allegedly kept in the same pod without the necessary room to socially distance from each other.

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