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Court Case Names That Will Make You LOL

These court case names sound made up, but it makes it even funnier that they are real. These cases are very real and serious issues that people have brought to court. These funny court case names will have you wondering who really wins. Prepare to get a good laugh out of these court case names that will make you LOL.

Schmuck V. United States

As funny as this name is, Mr. Wayne Schmuck was charged with a serious offense. Against the United States, he was held responsible for mail fraud. He trusted a jury of his peers to deem him innocent, and this was what ultimately led to his conviction. 

United States V. Forty-Three Gallons Of Whiskey

How does the United States make a case against forty-three gallons of whiskey? When a man brought forty-three gallons of whiskey across county lines in 1876, he was caught. His intention was to sell the whiskey to Chippewa Indians, which was a violation of trade and treaty laws. Though selling whiskey doesn’t seem like a big deal, trade and treaty laws are taken very seriously.

Terrible V. Terrible

One of the court case names that will make you LOL is this truly terrible divorce. Joseph and Elizabeth Terrible sought a divorce in 1971. One can assume that names can be considered a bad omen, maybe even a red flag.

South Dakota V. Fifteen Impounded Cats

You read that correctly. The court case South Dakota V. Fifteen Impounded Cats is exactly how it sounds. A woman had 15 cats living with her in her car. You may be thinking, “weird, but let people live,” but the cats obstructed her view while she was driving and she almost backed right into a police car. The officer took the cats for the safety and well-being of all parties involved. The owner of the fifteen cats appealed to the South Dakota Supreme Court in an attempt to get them back, but the decision was upheld to not allow the cats back into her possession. The decision was upheld for the safety of other drivers on the road.

Juicy Whip V. Orange Bang

This court case was brought about when Orange Bang infringed on Juicy Whip’s drink dispensing patent. The patent was honored and Orange Bang was no longer able to use the drink dispensing machine. Patents are a very important part of copyright protection, avoid trouble with the law and respect patents. 

Death V. Graves

Graves & Co. crashed their vehicle into a motorcycle belonging to Alan and Demetri Death. The Death family sued Graves & Co. for this incident. Death was lucky to survive, as motorcycle wrecks can be incredibly grim and dangerous. Had Death not survived, this would certainly not be a laughing matter. Stay safe on the road, watch where you are going, don’t drive with fifteen cats in your car, and as I am sure Death will tell you, always wear a helmet.

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