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Do I Need Permission to Leave Texas While Out on Bail?

Waiting for your trial on bail is the perfect time to be with your family and prepare your defense, but sometimes our travel plans get in the way. Every defendant probably has the same question- “Can I travel while I’m bonded out?” At A-EZ Out, we do our best to educate defendants about their rights and limitations, so we’ve made a guide to help you decide whether or not travelling on bail is a good idea. 

Why Travelling on Bail is Controversial

Most bail bondsmen prefer you to stay in your state while on bail, simply because they don’t want to risk you fleeing before your court date. Fugitive defendants can reflect poorly on the bondsmen who helped them, so most will try to get you to postpone your travel plans. This is generally the best choice if you’re able to do it, but sometimes defendants have work or family obligations that can’t wait just because they’re on bail. If you’re in this situation, there are a few things you should do and a few considerations to make. 

Talk to Your Bail Bondsman

Before travelling on bail, always talk with your bail bondsman. They’ll be able to discuss the terms of your bail and tell you whether or not your bail terms allow you to travel out of state. Your bondsman might ask you to postpone or cancel if you can, but they’ll usually be understanding if you need to go. Depending on the bondsman, you might be asked to call them regularly during your trip. This is usually so they can know where you are and make sure you’re adhering to the terms of your bail. Regular check-ins can also help your bondsman keep tabs on you, and it’ll give them some peace of mind while you’re away.

When You Won’t be Allowed to Travel on Bail

There are a few circumstances which might prohibit you from travelling while bonded out. If you’re on a federal bond, meaning you’ve been accused of a federal crime, you won’t be able to travel out of state. Federal bonds will limit you to a specific area, and you’ll be required to stay there while you’re on bail. 

If you’ve missed court dates or skipped bail in the past, the court might deem you a flight risk and confiscate your passport. If you’re considered a flight risk, the same rules apply and you won’t be allowed to travel out of state without breaking the terms of your bail. 

It is possible to seek a temporary exemption from this rule, but the process will have to begin with your attorney or bail bondsman and there’s no guarantee the exemption will be granted in time. 

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