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Do You Need a Lawyer? When it Comes to the Police, Yes.

Do you need a lawyer? It’s a question more and more Americans ask every day, especially given the increasing tension between civilians and law enforcement in today’s political climate. The short answer to the question of whether or not you need a lawyer is yes, the long answer we’ll dive into below.

For some, the thought of needing a lawyer only comes around when going to court or filing a suit. However, for others, so much as a traffic stop affirms the need for an attorney. Many of us tend to believe that experiences with law enforcement encounters are similar across the country, or equal, when it’s not.

Police Are Just People, Not Legal Professionals

When it comes down to it, police officers are just regular people—not legal professionals. While they technically know when they can or cannot detain someone, many officers act outside of the law due to emotions, stress or prejudice. You’d be surprised at how many people are arrested illegally in Dallas!

When you have a lawyer or attorney on your side, it can transform the entire police encounter. Additionally, informing the officer of your right to remain silent until your attorney is present may end up changing their entire attitude. If they were planning to detain or question you without probable cause, informing them of your attorney may cause them to backtrack and think over their decisions.

Unfortunately, people aren’t perfect—and neither are police officers. Having a lawyer on your side is transformative when it comes to being questioned or detained by police, and can make all the difference.

Attorneys Improve Your Legal Situation

Whether in small claims court or fighting a DWI charge, lawyers help improve your legal situation. Oftentimes, individuals who represent themselves in court end up with unfavorable outcomes, or outright lose. Legal situations call for legal knowledge, and just knowing the first five amendments to the US Constitution won’t help you.

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A Lawyer Is Fluent With the Law

Unlike most civilians, lawyers are completely fluent in law. Attorneys know the law down to precise details in precise situations, including legal processes and deadlines. In fact, people often miss out on financial compensation throughout their lives. This is because they either didn’t realize it, or didn’t have a lawyer on their side.

A Lawyer Helps You Win Cases

Regardless of how much you think you know, the law is very complicated. Whether facing police allegations, pending criminal charges, an insurance company or a company, having a lawyer on your side helps you win.

Lawyers Care

Lawyers are motivated to protect you and invested in winning your cases. Why? It’s their whole job. It’s extremely beneficial to have an experienced legal professional on your side using their knowledge to help you, especially when facing police, insurance companies or large corporations. When they see you as a number, your lawyer sees you as a person.

A Lawyer Can Take Your Case to Trial

Depending on your situation, going to trial may be what you need. However, without an attorney or lawyer, going to trial may end up a disaster. A lawyer on your side when going to trial greatly improves your outcomes and financial compensation.

Lawyers Help Explain Your Rights

Many individuals fall victim due to not knowing their rights. In fact, many people end up “trapped” into certain convictions because they simply didn’t understand what was going on. A lawyer on your side will make sure this doesn’t happen, and protect you at all costs.

A Lawyer Provides Free Legal Advice

With a simple Google search, you can find lawyers in your area that give free legal advice. Additionally, you’ll find affordable attorneys and lawyers for representation or legal help. For instance, Thumbtack is a great tool to scan your area for the most affordable attorneys available.

Click here to search for affordable attorneys near you.

Know Someone in Jail? Get Them Out Fast

We care about the Dallas community and want everyone to understand their legal rights. That’s why we fully recommend finding a lawyer or attorney to assist if you’re in a tough legal situation with the police or any other establishment.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is a fast and affordable bail bonds service available throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, including Collin County and Arlington. We offer free consultations, advice and bail bond quotes. For more information on how to release someone from jail today, contact our office.

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