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A-EZ Bail Bond FAQs

A Bail Bond is a security interest placed on a criminal defendant’s appearance in court. A judge, magistrate, commissioner or other judicial officers can release the accused defendant from custody pending the trial in the case. The release is temporary and the defendant is required to return to court for the trial. The bail is a monetary amount that the criminal defendant must put up in order to be released. In the event the defendant fails to appear for trial, the bail may be forfeited. In this way, the bail acts as a guarantee to ensure the appearance of the accused in court for trial.

You have an absolute right to have a bail set that is reasonable and not excessive. The 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits “excessive bail” so that an accused can have the opportunity to be free and prepare for trial. Under the Texas Constitution, the right to bail is further strengthened in that all criminal defendants are entitled to bail except for those accused of committing capital offenses.

The amount of bail is set by the judicial officer in the court where the trial will be heard. A judge can sometimes reconsider bail upon a request or motion to the court. The purpose of the bond is to secure the criminal defendant’s presence at the trial in the matter. Therefore, the court considers certain factors that can affect the risk of a defendant failing to appear for trial. Under Texas law, the court has to consider whether the bail is sufficiently high to assure the defendant’s appearance, but the bail cannot be used to oppress the accused. Other considerations include:


1. The nature of the criminal charge and the surrounding circumstances of the alleged crime.
2. Whether the accused poses a risk to the safety of a specific victim or of the community in general.
3. The ability of the accused to make bail.
4. The character of the accused as established by work history, ties to the community and criminal record.

Yes, we can take care of your needs. A reputable Bondsman can allow an accused a more affordable way to make bail. You certainly don’t want to sit in jail when you have an opportunity to be free to prepare for your case. We provide high caliber bond services with a high level of experience. We can give you personalized attention tailored to your needs and can arrange a surety bond that allows for your fast release.

The cost or premium we charge for the bond depends on the nature and factors of the case, but ten percent of the bail is the typical premium.  Factors that influence or reduce the amount of the bond may be the location of the defendant, previous arrest record, co-signers for the bond, and type of crime the defendant is charge with. We are licensed and committed to pursuing industry quality standards and fair pricing for bond services.

Once you have worked with us to arrange a bail bond and we post it in your behalf in court, then the premium is earned and will not be returned.

We can work with you to get you on a payment plan that you can afford.

The court will set the conditions of bail. The conditions would include not only the amount the bail but also any other conditions the court deems necessary. Those conditions could be such things as a requirement of regular employment and/or pre-trial check-ins.

The person who co-signs for the bond is liable for its full value plus expenses should all or part of the bond be forfeited due to failure to appear at trial or failure to abide by bail conditions. Expenses could include the costs for hiring an investigator or bounty hunter to track down anyone who “jumps bail” and fails to appear for trial.


For additional assistance please call Osiris Camacho.

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