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Getting Stopped? Follow These Tips for a Safe Pullover in Texas

Getting pulled over is one of those events that we all dread and causes most of our hearts to skip a beat. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds  is here to help prepare you for when this happens. Here are some solid tips for what to do if you’re getting pulled over by a Texas police officer.

  1. Always pull over in the safest and quickest way possible, preferably to the right. If you’re being stopped at night, try to pull over in a well-lit area and turn on your vehicle’s interior light.
  2. Put your vehicle in park and wait for the officer to approach the car. Do not lean over to get things from the other side of the car. Place your hands on the top of the steering wheel so the officer can see them. DO NOT attempt to flee the scene.
  3. Follow the officer’s instructions and tell them immediately if you are lawfully carrying a weapon. The officer will want to see your identification and permit.
  4. If an officer gives you a ticket, sign it. It is not an admission of guilt. Do not argue with the officer, because anything you say can be held against you. Do not ignore the officer. Answer any questions to the best of your ability. 
  5. If the officer asks you to get out of the vehicle, immediately comply with the request. DO NOT reach for or touch the officer’s weapon. DO NOT resist arrest in any way.
  6. Confirm with the officer that you are free to go before driving off.
  7. If you are arrested, clearly and quickly ask for a lawyer. Repeat your request for a lawyer as many times as necessary. Do not discuss the incident with the officer or anyone else until you have spoken with a lawyer. 
  8. Contact A-EZ Out Bail Bonds for all your bond needs.

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