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Highest Bail Amount In History

Have you ever wondered how high the highest bail amount in history was set to? Number 1 will have your jaw dropping and you may find yourself obeying the law to avoid a high-stakes situation like this. Here is the number 1 highest bail and a few others that aren’t too far behind.

Number 1 Highest Bail Amount In History- Robert Durst

Starting off with the number one highest bail amount in history, a grand total of 3 billion dollars for Robert Durst. 

In 2003, Robert Durst found himself in a jail cell with a grand total of 3 billion dollars over his head. The court set his bail this high not only because of the nature of his crimes but also because he was considered a flight risk. He had already jumped bond once before. His bail did not stay at 3 billion for long as the court soon ruled it to be unfair and used as an instrument of oppression.

Durst was the heir of a real estate company that his father built and was convicted of many crimes, one of them being for the murder of Susan Berman. He is also considered a suspect in his wife’s disappearance. Along with these, he has a firearm charge and other violent charges. This docuseries covers his life of crime and his arrest.

Subrata Roy 

Subrata Roy comes in with the second highest bail amount of 1.6 billion dollars. He was involved in an investment scheme where the company’s investors never received any return. 1.6 million USD is the highest bail amount in India.

He was caught when he failed to appear before the Supreme Court of India to settle a dispute with the SEBI, the Indian Market Regulator. 

The courts ordered Roy to pay back investors for 62,600 crore. To put that amount into perspective, 1 crore is equivalent to 10 million USD. This adds up to 626 billion that is owed back to investors.

Kim Freeman

Kim Freeman is in third place for a whopping 1 billion dollar bail. She is one of four people who ran two “massage” parlors that were discovered to be brothels. Freeman’s bail was set this high to prevent her from using her extensive contacts and resources to flee the country. 

A bail of 1 billion dollars means that someone, be it a friend or bail bondsman would need 100 million dollars at their disposal to think about bailing Freeman out.

Dmitry Firtash

Dmitry Firtash is known for his importations and that is exactly what got him into trouble. In 2014, he was found to be involved in a criminal organization and bribery. He was held in an Austrian jail and his bail was set to 125 million euros, which is equivalent to 174 million US dollars. This is the Austrian record for the highest set bail. Some of the charges he faced were bribery, racketeering, and money laundering. 

Kening Ma and Shirley Ji

This husband and wife duo takes the term – partners in crime – to a new level. Kening Ma’s bail was set at $150 million and Shirley Ji’s was set at $75 million. This brings a total of $225 million in their combined bail amount. 

Ma and Ji were convicted of importing vehicles that aren’t up to the California vehicle emission standards. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is the falsification of certificates and other crimes that are committed in tandem with the importation that makes it a bigger deal. In order to import and get away with the fraud, the husband-wife duo had to counterfeit smog certificates. They sold the vehicles once they arrived, and this counted for their 33 counts of grand theft.

A-EZ Out 

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