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How A-EZ Out Helps Protect Your Privacy

Bail bond agencies have a duty to protect the privacy of every client they work with. Being arrested might be not only an embarrassment, but it could ruin the careers and livelihood of the defendant. At A-EZ Out, we value your privacy and we do everything in our power to protect your anonymity. Here are just a few ways our bail bondsmen can work with you while protecting your privacy and keeping your arrest out of the public eye.

Discreet Meeting Locations

There are many reasons a defendant or co-signer might not want to directly visit a bail bond agency. Defendants with current arrest warrants sometimes feel they can’t meet with their bondsman at the agency, and co-signers might not want to be questioned about who they’re bailing out. For this reason, our bondsmen can meet with you in a discreet location to discuss your case.

Private Calls

Modern cell phones have the ability to track nearly everything, and defendants don’t always want their calls to show up on a phone bill. At A-EZ Out, we can accept many different types of collect calls so you can feel comfortable and safe during your consultation with us.

Avoid At-Home Alcohol Monitoring

If you’re arrested on a DUI or any other alcohol-related charge, you might have to wear an ankle bracelet or blood-alcohol scanner while out on bail. A-EZ Out can help you eliminate these invasive measures so you can roam freely without a curfew without having to answer for everything you do. You’ll also be able to avoid any humiliation or bad reputation which might result from alcohol monitoring. Without alcohol monitoring, all you’ll have to do on bail is show up for your court dates. 

24/7 Availability

A-EZ Out is available to answer calls and post bail 24/7, which means you can choose to call or meet with us at discreet times. Not only does this help defendants get out on bail faster, but co-signers can choose to meet with us at the best time of day for their privacy without having to leave work early or raise suspicion from family members.

Exclusive Agreements

A-EZ Out understands why you might not want to only trust our word, which is why you can have the agreement put into writing. Exclusive agreements allow you to limit communications about your case. This means the only people who can discuss your case are you, your bondsman, your attorney, and the co-signer. Outside of these discussions, we won’t offer any information about your case to anyone who isn’t included in the exclusive agreement.

Get Bailed Out Fast With A-EZ Out Bail Bonds

If you’re facing jail time after an arrest, get in touch with the experienced bail bondsmen at A-EZ Out right away. We’re available 24/7 to post bail in Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant Counties, and we go to any length to protect your privacy and your reputation. Call or visit our website to get in touch with a bail bondsman today!

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