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Bail Bonds Company Serving Dallas

In the event you need the services of a bail bonds company there are some factors to consider. At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, you will be treated quickly, efficiently and with respect. Most bond companies offer the same services that we do; the big difference is that our professionally trained staff at A-EZ Out Bail Bonds emphasizes speed and a friendly approach to help you during your time of need.

Our job is to assure the court that your family member, friend or acquaintance will appear in court to face charges that have been brought up. Our responsibility to you is to make sure the court is aware that bail has been arranged so the suspect can be released as quickly as possible.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds provides professional assistance through every step of the bail bond process. Our licensed professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the court system and to assist in a speedy release from jail. Confidentiality and sensitivity are also important at A-EZ Out Bail Bonds. Rest assured that what is discussed is between our trained professionals and our clients. We value earning your trust and have the friendly, efficient staff to do just so.


Understanding the Bail Process


A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will make sure you fully understand the consequences and any recourse you might have. We don’t use intimidation or any unscrupulous tactics. We want the procedure to be as painless as possible for friends and family of the arrested suspect. 

After being arrested, the suspect is taken to a holding cell and processed into the court system. After the charges are confirmed, the bond will be set by the local majistrate, provided there are no pending charges from a previous incident and that a capital crime allegedly has not been committed. An arraignment hearing will be conducted at which time a judge will determine bond based on risk factors surrounding the suspect. Is the suspect a risk to flee and not return to court? Is the defendant a risk to other people? 

Once the bail bond is determined our friendly professionals can get to work. We will need two pieces of information to help: the suspect’s full name and the name of the jail the suspect is being held in. Be sure to bring proper identification to A-EZ Out Bail Bonds’ locations in Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Fort Worth, or Arlington offices.


Timeline & Cost for Posting


While this process might take hours, our professional bondsmen can take care of paperwork and communication to release the suspect much faster, sometimes in 30 minutes or so. The quicker the paperwork is filed and bond is posted, the quicker the suspect will be able to be released. Once bail is posted, the defendant will be released.
Courts often accept 10 percent of the bond amount before a suspect is released. Bond can be paid with credit card or cash, but sometimes a loan is necessary. We work with you on an affordable option where often no collateral is required.

A-EZ Bail Bonds will make sure you are aware of the exact amount, fees and the consequences should the suspect not return at the appointed court date and time. The cost of bail bond will depend on each individual case with factors such as the charges, criminal history, references, and financial and other “risks.” In the Dallas area, bail bond costs can range from 7 percent to 20 percent of the full amount of the bail. The Texas state Department of Insurance regulates the fees.

At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds we treat everyone with respect and assure you that we will work as quickly as possible to get your friend or family member out of jail as quickly as possible.


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Owner A-EZ Out Bail Bonds

Eddie Salazar, the owner of A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, cares about you and your family. In fact, Mr. Salazar’s entire staff is trained and encouraged to go above and beyond what other bail bond companies might do to get the freedom you and your loved ones need and deserve. Eddie Salazar takes a hands-on approaching to serving clients’ needs.


Office Manager

Osiris Camacho is the General Manager at A-EZ Out Bail Bonds. She has over 16 years of experience in the bail bond industry and brings with her valuable insight and knowledge of the legal system and its processes. Osiris is a member of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas (PBT). Osiris believes in second chances, and the right for defendants to live in freedom while they fight for their innocence in the judicial system. An advocate for clients, and treats all clients with dignity, respect, and understanding.

Osiris and the entire team at A-EZ Out Bail Bonds are ready to serve you and your loved ones with prompt, friendly and round-the-clock service, 24/7/365. We know that when the need for a bond arises, it is an emergency, and we act as quickly as possible to get you and your loved ones home fast.



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