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How Domestic Violence Charges Can Affect Bail Eligibility

Domestic violence is a global problem, but one particularly concerning in Texas. That’s because one in three will be the victims of it in their lifetimes, according to the Texas Council on Family Violence. But not every situation is cut-and-dry, and sometimes individuals can find themselves wrongly accused of violent acts. 

This is important when it comes to determining bail eligibility for a domestic violence accusation. In the following article, we’ll be discussing the factors that can keep you from getting bail or having a higher amount set than you’re probably able to afford. Let’s begin. 

Bail Eligibility Requirement No. 1: A Quiet History

If you have a clean record aside from the one domestic violence charge and you’ve shown yourself responsible with work history, then it’s likely a judge will grant you bail. That’s because violent behavior is more patterned in how it manifests. 

Courts have enough access to data to see violent or unlawful behavior has a tendency to recur over an extended period of time. Most of the time, accused persons with no pattern of unlawful behavior are going to meet the demands of bail, making them better candidates than those who don’t share the same history of responsible behavior. 

Eligibility Requirement No. 2: Nature of the Act

Of course, there are enough exceptions to the patterned behavior theory to give judges pause when they’re dealing with heinous acts. For example, say there’s a situation of infidelity, an act that often precedes violent behavior in previously non-violent people. The spouse cheated on “loses it” and assaults the other, while making threats to their spouse’s life.

In this scenario, the court is well within its right to withhold bail eligibility or present restrictions upon release of the accused. That’s because there’s a very real possibility the cheating spouse could be the target of more violence if the unrestricted release of the defendant is allowed.

What to Do If Eligible for Bail

Meeting the bail eligibility requirements mentioned above will go a long way in facilitating accessible bail terms. If you find yourself eligible on a domestic violence charge, or any other, keep A-EZ Out Bail Bonds at the top of your contacts. We’ve served people in Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties for several years, and we value all of our clients as people, not “the accused.” Click here for a list of our office locations and contact information. 

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