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How the Corona Virus Affects Those in Jails and Prisons

The recent surge in global cases of COVID-19, better known as the corona virus, has definitely sparked fear in many. Though it might not occur to people, the corona virus impacts more than just those of us out in society. People in jails and prisons are also at risk of succumbing to a potential outbreak, and we are going to explain exactly how that happens. Additionally, those who are incarcerated can be subjected to issues that the rest of us are not affected by.

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Rapid Spread of Illness

The conditions inside prisons and jails make it very easy for the corona virus to spread. County jails can house up to 20 inmates in a single holding cell while prisons can have about six people in one small cell. If just one person enters a prison or jail with the virus, it will not have a hard time jumping to multiple others, especially because it can go undetected for several days.

These facilities are also not the cleanest of places. Inmates often do not have sufficient supplies to keep up their own hygiene, let alone disinfect their surroundings.

Lack of Readiness

It is rare that a jail or prison will have an infectious disease nurse on standby ready to identify severe illnesses. A medical professional who works in a jail or prison is likely not trained to handle an outbreak, and they might even write off corona virus symptoms as being a basic cold or flu. Jails also lack the space to keep inmates quarantined if they show symptoms of the corona virus, which could cause it to spread even more.

Judicial System Troubles

Something that would not affect those who walk free are the legal problems that might arise due to the corona virus. In times of severe outbreaks, there is a chance that government facilities will be temporarily closed, including courthouses. This would cause scheduled court dates and release dates to be pushed back indefinitely. Everything will have to be rescheduled and some might have to stay behind bars longer than they were supposed to.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds: Providing Fast Approvals for DFW Arrestees

Outbreaks of disease should always be taken seriously because they can disrupt more facets of life than ever cross our minds. While everyone’s health and wellbeing is important, those who are incarcerated should not be forgotten in the event of a medical emergency.

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