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How to Become a Bail Bondsman in Texas

Life as a bail bondsman in Texas can be pretty exciting. You get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and to truly help them through difficult situations. But, how does one go about becoming a bail bondsman in Texas? In this post, we will explain the necessary steps to take to begin your journey in this lucrative and rewarding career.

What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

After someone is arrested, they will attend an arraignment. This is a trial when the offender has the charges against them stated and a bail amount is set. Bail is a set amount of money that is pid to the court by or on behalf of the offender that, when paid, releases them from jail until their trial. 

Bail can quickly become expensive, oftentimes costing several thousand dollars. A bail bondsman is a third party entity that puts up the bail money on behalf of the offender. The bail bondsman will then take a nonrefundable premium, usually around 10%.

Steps to Becoming a Bail Bondsman in Texas 

  1. Meet the Initial Age and Education Requirements

The age requirement for becoming a bail bondsman in Texas is 18 years old. You should also obtain a high-school diploma or equivalent. You will also have to have a relatively clean criminal record. This means no felonies or misdemeanors done with moral turpitude

  1. Apprenticeship and Training

Before you can become a bail bondsman, you will need to perform an apprenticeship under a licensed bail bondsman for at least a year. In addition you will also need to complete 8 hours of courses offered by an accredited Texas institution of higher learning. 

  1. Meet the Financial Requirements

The financial requirements of becoming a bail bondsman are put in place to ensure that you are able to actually pay the bonds that you receive. In Texas, you must deposit $50,000 with your county treasurer and may not issue bonds exceeding 10 times the amount of your collateral. 

  1. Submit Your Application

Once you meet the requirements, you will need to submit an official application to the County Bail Bond Board. This should include: 

  • your name, age and address
  • the name under which you plan to do business
  • the address of each place where your business will be conducted
  • and a list of nonexempt real property (see Section 1704.155) to be executed in trust to the board as collateral on bonds
  • In addition, the application must include a sworn financial statement by you
  • a declaration of compliance with Texas law
  • three letters of recommendation from reputable persons
  • a set of fingerprints
  • a passport photo
  • and the $500 filing fee.

If you provide all of this information and you meet the requirements, your application will be granted. 

  1. Find a Reliable Surety Company

After your application has been granted, your next step will be to find a reliable surety company that will do business with you. It is important that they are reputable so that they can consistently provide you with the surety bonds that you will need. 

  1. Register Your Bail Bond Business

After all of these steps have been completed, the only thing left for you to do is register your business and start issuing bonds!

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