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Juvenile Crimes: Common Reasons Teens Get on the Wrong Side of the Law

Juvenile crimes are handled differently than when adults commit crimes. It is believed that teens are not completely aware of their actions. The thought and decision-making process of a teenager is not fully developed and so the court approaches these cases in a different manner.  However, a crime is a crime and it can have severe consequences. What causes a teenager to commit a crime? Are some teens more inclined to commit crimes than others? Research has discovered that there are common factors that influence these behaviors in adolescents. 

Peer Pressure

A leading cause of juvenile crimes is tied to the people you associate with. If your child hangs around other kids who like to get in trouble with the law, they may influence your kid to do the same. If your teen tries to avoid these behaviors, they might still get peer pressured into doing them. A young mind is easily influenced, and they want to be accepted by their peers and social groups. Therefore, they might do things out of peer pressure. Research in the past has shown that peer pressure is a leading cause of teens getting involved in risky behavior, such as drinking and driving, reckless driving, alcohol abuse, and criminal activity. 

Poor Education

Lack of education is another common reason for juvenile crimes. When a teen doesn’t pay attention to their studies and spends more time doing leisurely activities, they remain ignorant of important aspects of life. Their extra free time also gives them opportunities to experiment with criminal behavior and find ways to entertain themselves. Additionally, many schools offer lectures on teen involvement in sex, crimes, and gangs. These lectures open up their eyes and allow them to see the reality of their choices. However, if they don’t attend school, they will not understand the importance and remain ignorant of the topics.

Lack of Adult Interaction

Children are easily influenced by those around them. They need an adult presence in their life to help them distinguish between right and wrong and to keep them aligned with the law. Children without the presence of adults in their life are more prone to criminal activity.

Substance Abuse

If there is substance abuse at home, there is a high chance that the minor will get involved with it too. They have easy access, and if they are exposed to it on a regular basis, they may pick up on the same habits. When a teen is using drugs or alcohol, there is a significantly higher risk for criminal activity. The minor might commit crimes to support their habit, and being under the influence can encourage risky behavior and poor choices.

Is Your Child Arrested? Get in Touch with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds 

If your child has been arrested for juvenile crimes, give our bondsmen a call right away. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will grant your child a speedy release, so you can build up their defense system for court. Don’t let one mistake ruin your child’s life. However, it should allow them to learn from it. Hopefully, their short experience in jail will show them that this is the wrong path to go down. After they have learned their lesson, give us a call, and we’ll get them home as quickly as possible.

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