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Little-Known Facts About the Bail Bond Industry

At A-EZ Out, we take our responsibility as bail bondsmen seriously. We know jail isn’t the ideal place to wait for your trial, which is why we do everything we can to get you out as fast as possible. 

The bail bond industry helps thousands of people across the country every day, but our services do a lot more than getting people out of jail. Here’s a few things you might not know about the bail bond industry. 

Bail Bond Agents Benefit the Economy

Every business helps the economy flow effectively, and bail bond agencies are no exception. From paying premium taxes on every bond we write, to reducing the need for officers to chase fugitives, to employing around 15,000 bail agents, our services do a lot to benefit the economy and reduce the burden on taxpayers. 

Bail Bonds Increase the Likelihood of Arrestees Appearing in Court

Inmates always have the option to pay their bail without the help of a bail bond agency, usually known as an ‘unsecured’ release. However, inmates who get released through a bail bond agency are approximately 20% more likely to appear in court. Experts think this is because the arrestee’s family is usually involved in the bail bond process. When the defendant realizes their family wants to help, they’re more motivated to show up for their trial. 

Bail Bonds Reduce Jail Overcrowding Without Taxpayer Expense

Without bail bond agencies, jails would be extremely overcrowded with defendants who don’t have the money to get out. Bail bondsmen are dedicated to helping everyone they can, even those who have little or no money, to get out of jail and enjoy their freedom. Bail bond agencies give financially unstable defendants a chance to get back home and spend time with their loved ones while awaiting trial.

The Bail System is Written in the United States Constitution

The 8th amendment of the Constitution is the basis of the bail system we use today. It states that bail should be issued based on “sufficient surety” to avoid defendants skipping their court dates. This clause was added because bail was often being set at excessive amounts, making it nearly impossible for defendants to get out of jail. Bail bondsmen make it easier for nearly any defendant to await their trial at home, even those who can’t afford their high bail. 

Get Out of Jail Fast with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds

Now that you know the benefits of employing a bail bond agency, you can make an informed decision if you ever find yourself in legal trouble. At A-EZ Out, we work hard to help every client get out of jail so they can await their trial at home. Our experienced bail bondsmen will get started in your case as soon as we get your call, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you don’t miss out on work, school, bills, or quality time with your family while you await your court date. If you’re facing jail time, call A-EZ Out right away

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