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Longest Prison Sentences

Prison sentences are assigned to people based on the severity of the crime the person commits. Prison sentences can be assigned in extreme time ranges. It can be as short as a few months, sometimes even less, and it can go up to life in prison or several thousand years.

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Here are some of the longest prison sentences ever given.

100,000 Years

In 1989, Chamoy Thipyaso conned and defrauded over 16,000 of her fellow Thai citizens out of $204 million. She was involved in a pyramid scheme that landed her with the longest sentence for corporate fraud. Her sentence is certainly one of the longest prison sentences in the world that technically doesn’t involve a life sentence, but when you hear the number of years, your jaw may drop. 

She was sentenced to 141,078 years in prison. She only served 8 and was paroled after that. This is because Thailand has a law that states people who are convicted of fraud cannot serve more than 20 years. Why she was released after only 8 is a mystery along with much of the case, as the discussion regarding her conviction is not public information.

Is anyone else wondering why she was sentenced to over 100,000 years in prison when they couldn’t reasonably hold her for more than 20, and then she was let out after 8? 

161 Life Sentences

In 1995, Terry Nichols was convicted of 161 counts of first-degree murder, and his 161 life sentences reflect that. The courts took away all possibility of parole in addition to the 161 life sentences for his part in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.  

It isn’t 100,000 years, but this is officially the longest sentence ever handed out to anyone in the world due to the fact it is also the most amount of consecutive life sentences. He was also sentenced to 9.300 years for the fact it was an act of terrorism, and he was given no possibility of parole. 

You can visit the Oklahoma City bombing memorial to pay respects and visit the site of the horrible incident Terry Nichols initiated in 1995.

11,250 Years

Just a year before Nichols, in 1994 Darron Bennalford Anderson was convicted of horrible crimes involving an elderly woman, along with larceny, robbery, and kidnapping. He was sentenced to a grand total of 2,250 years. 2,250 years is a crazy amount of time to be in prison, although like the people above, we have seen worse. 

Anderson too thought this was a crazy sentence, so he appealed, was reconvicted, and resentenced. For his offensive crimes, the courts added 9000 years for a grand total of 11,250 years.

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