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The Harsh Reality of Maintaining a Romantic Relationship While in Jail

No one has ever said that long-distance relationships are easy. Now imagine being locked up in prison and still trying to make it all work out. It’s nothing like the fairytales–that’s for certain. And although keeping these relationships stable isn’t impossible, it sure is extremely difficult. Don’t risk losing your romantic relationship with your loved one. If you have the opportunity for bail, get in touch with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds. Our bondsmen will grant you a speedy release, so you can build a great defense system for court. Don’t let your mistakes with the law come between your romantic relationship. We have disclosed some of the harsh realities of maintaining this relationship while you are locked up in jail. 

Financial Struggles

Money is one of the top reasons why couples disagree. Maybe one of you overspends, or maybe you are both financially struggling. All the problems escalate when you go to prison. If you were the main provider, your partner will be struggling to make ends meet. Their entire lifestyle will completely change and now they will be in charge of supporting you.

Maybe you both made about the same amount of money and you split everything. Now your partner will need to pick up a second job to cover all the new costs. With that said, will your partner have enough money to send to you for personal hygiene and snacks while in prison? Are they okay with sending you money at all? Not to mention, visiting you and calling you in jail isn’t free either. How will these expenses get covered?

These are all questions that will arise when you spend time in prison. There’s nothing you can do when you are behind bars. Your partner runs the show, and you will be cast in the smallest role. How will you be able to help them out? These financial struggles may take a huge toll on your romantic relationship.

Trust Diminishes Over Time

Even if you never struggled with trust in the past, prison can be a game-changer. The longer you stay incarcerated, the less trust you may develop. You always have your guard up in prison and fear that someone is out to get you and do you wrong. You learn to trust no one. These trust issues may transfer over to your romantic relationship. And we all know that a relationship can’t function without fundamental trust. Therefore, prison sentences can cause a lot of stress between you and your partner.


Spending day after day by yourself in a prison cell will get very lonely. Now imagine your partner. Even though they are out in the real world, they are dealing with your absence, which also takes a huge toll on their life. There is no doubt that you will both be facing loneliness during this hardship. Some prisoners push their loved ones away because they don’t want to hurt them any longer. Being apart from each other for so long and having all the time in the world to think, might form problems in your head that don’t exist. You may start to question your romantic relationship and doubt it.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds Is Here for You

If you are granted bail, don’t lose out on the opportunity. Contact A-EZ Out Bail Bonds as soon as you get a chance. Our bondsmen will grant you a speedy release, so you can build the best defense for court and sustain your romantic relationship.

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