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Dallas: (214) 749-5600

Irving: (972) 785-1000

McKinney: (972) 542-5155

Plano: (972) 422-1544

Fort Worth: (817) 877-5555

Arlington: (817) 801-1230

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Money Magazine has called McKinney the “Best Place to Live in America.” While we wouldn’t disagree with that necessarily, there is another side. That’s just the nature of our work.

McKinney, as the seat of Collin County, has to deal with criminal activity like anywhere else. In fact, the Collin County Detention Center and juvenile facilities are right here within our town limits. They serve a good purpose in keeping the most violent offenders off the street.

But they also can be an intimidating presence for people who’ve been arrested for nonviolent offenses or who are experiencing their first time to ever be arrested.

Our Approach to Bail

If that describes you, we want you to know you have an ally in us. If you cannot afford bail but are bail eligible, you’ll get hard workers doing their best to make sure you don’t have to spend one night in jail before your hearing. Here’s our approach.

Your Booking Status

The arresting agency will “book” you. Many keep tabs with this in real-time through online databases. We use those databases, but we also tap into our human relationships whenever and wherever we can. Our goal is to be able to respond as soon as your arraignment is over.

The Bail Schedule

In some cases, charges can be elevated or lowered from the amount of bail the court would normally set. These decisions hinge on how prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, and the judge see you as a threat (either to yourself or others). It’s possible your attorney could have the amount lowered if he receives no objection from prosecutors, or if the prosecutor fails to make a compelling case for why it should remain in accordance with the bail schedule. It’s also possible — for flight risks or more egregious charges — that the prosecutor could succeed in having the standard amount per the bail schedule raised or bail removed altogether.

Practical Advice from Years of Experience in the Bail Bonds Industry

If you’ve never done this process before, it can be scary. We work to take the fear out of it by letting you and your loved ones know what comes next through every twist and turn of the process. That includes explaining amounts, timelines, and administrative requirements. By doing our homework ahead of time, we’re able to give you a pretty good idea of what the bail amount will be so we can have arrangements made and executed as soon as the judge bangs his gavel.

Court Monitoring

Once the court is ready for arraignment, we use our connections. Those connections consist of personnel and criminal defense attorneys who point us to the appropriate agency contact. Once there, we can issue payment in the bail amount. This enables you to be released shortly thereafter (if you’re the accused) or pick up your loved one from the holding facility. If you need help making arrangements for pickup, we are happy to help out there as well.

Once the holding facility discharges you, it’s time to think about options. Here’s how we can continue to be an ally in the stressful days ahead.

Working with You

Ability to pay should not be a factor in you getting an early release. It also shouldn’t get in the way of your legal defense and all the arrangements that you will have to make until your hearing date. That’s why we work with you in the following ways:

  • We offer no interest payment plans: Bail amounts are significant, and so many people can’t spare the money they would have to pay in order to pay it outright. We’re happy to go to bat for you and then develop a payment plan that works with your schedule to satisfy the bond amount over time. And we do it without charging any interest. Nada.
  • Flexible payments are the way we do business: online, credit card, check, money order, cash — you name it.
  • Credit ratings are not important to us: It’s okay if you haven’t had the best credit history. That’s a non-issue with us. A person still deserves respect. They still deserve the right to prove their innocence or plead their case. We’ll work with you no matter what the reports claim.
  • Notary, anyone?: Your signature may be needed in a variety of ways, and when it’s related to an arrest, that can be mortifying. We believe in using discretion, and we’re happy to notarize any and all documents that you need us to.
  • We make check-ins a breeze: If you need to check in with us but don’t want to make the trip to our McKinney office, we provide access to the BailBooks Defendant Check-In App and can walk you through using it.

Working with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds will take as much stress out of being arrested as possible, and you’ll have a partner in the buildup to your hearing. So, what more could you ask for? Contact us today to get started.

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