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Never Spend Time in a Cell with a Walk-Through Bond

Nobody wants to spend their pretrial period in a cell. Not only is your freedom taken away, but you will also have a much harder time trying to organize a good legal defense from behind bars. Of course, the bail system can help you out with that issue. But, if you are already aware that there is a warrant for your arrest, you can make arrangements to avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment that an arrest can bring and avoid spending time in jail at all. This can simply be done with a walk-through bond.

Outstanding Warrant for Your Arrest 

Most people are usually aware if there is a warrant for their arrest or not. Unfortunately, “most people” and “all people” are not the same thing. People have forgotten about traffic tickets, caused problems unknowingly, or just failed to appear in court due to misunderstandings. Any of those scenarios can lead to an arrest warrant. If you worry that you could be one of those people, you should check the public records to see if you should start preparing for the inevitable arrest. 

Organize a Walk-Through Bond

An arrest is not a pleasant experience. Not only do you have to endure the fiasco of being escorted by the police, but you also have to go through the inconvenience of all of your plans being ruined for the day. Furthermore — although it’s very rare — arrests can become confrontational, and you can be at risk of adding to your potential sentence. 

Instead of going through all of that, you can reach out to us, and we will prepare everything that is necessary for you to deal with the warrant. We will verify the information, check if there are any other warrants, and let you purchase your bail bond. 

Go to the Police Station, But Not Alone

Once you purchase the bail bond, you still need to go to the police station. Don’t worry. We will go with you to help out with the process. 

The police will go through the same process they would usually go through with someone they placed under arrest. They will take your prints, photos, and a full inventory of personal items. 

You should make sure to bring as few things with you as possible. Not only will bringing more things with you make the process much longer, but the police station might not return all of them (for example, they will dispose of your lighters or tobacco products). Ideally, you should only bring your identification documents.  

Returning Home with a Walk-Through Bond

The bail bond agent assigned to your case will finalize the payment and arrange for your release. It is possible that you will have to spend a very short time in detention. This is while the documents are being processed. Once that is over, you will get a court date and will be able to go home. 

Let A-EZ Out Bail Bonds Prevent You From Going to Jail

While you have to visit the police station, nothing can get you out of jail faster than a walk-through bond. But, more importantly, getting a bail bonding company to help you with this issue will help you prevent lots of undue stress that being arrested can cause. Should you require any assistance with bonds in Tarrant county, contact A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, and we’ll be more than glad to assist you!

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