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5 Prisons You Might See In A Halloween Movie Marathon

This Halloween season, if you have plans for a scary movie marathon, chances are you might pick a movie with a prison in it. Prisons and small-town jails are great for establishing that feeling that you’re trapped, or playing off the terrifying history of a dangerous inmate. While most depictions of prisons in horror movies add in some fictional elements like vengeful ghosts or murderous guards, the prisons themselves can be pretty scary! A-EZ Out Bail Bonds has created a list of a few really good movies featuring prisons for your next Halloween movie marathon:


Like any good horror movie, this Wes Craven slasher has a little bit of mystery to it. After his arrest and execution for a series of murders, a villainous TV repairman makes a deal with the devil which allows him to come back from the grave in the form of electricity. In this new form, he seeks to enact his vengeance on the police detective who finally took him down. However, his connection to the detective’s son provides some clues to the killings.

The Haunting of Cell Block 11

A team of ghost hunters find themselves in over their heads when the prison their reality show stops in to investigate an abandoned prison. Unbeknownst to them, the grounds are haunted by very real ghosts who are seeking revenge on the prison doctor who tortured them.

A Cure For Wellness

This movie disguises its prison as an elite wellness center in the alps that slowly destroys its occupants’ sanity. The movie revolves around a businessman looking to bring the company’s CEO back from the spa, until he gets suspicious of the facility’s motives and becomes ill with the same sickness that is plaguing the other “patients.”

Alien 3

A fun science fiction twist on the genre, this third installment of the Alien series finds Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) crash landed on a wasteland planet inhabited by inmates of a maximum security prison. Ripley must once again convince those around her of the danger the incoming alien brings, but this time she has to deal with the issue of having no weapons or trust between the inmates.

Dead Don’t Die 

While this movie doesn’t take place entirely inside a prison, it does spend a lot of its screen time there since its two main protagonists are two deputies of a small town. This campy and dry-humored zombie movie follows the two characters (played by Bill Murray and Adam Driver) as they navigate their way around the best way to protect their city from the zombies that have begun to come back from the dead.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds To Avoid A Spooky Night In Jail

Prisons can be scary places, and while they’re the perfect setting for a good spooky movie, they may not be where you want to be spending a weekend. If you get caught up in any Halloween trouble this year, call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds to get released on bail quickly so that you can prepare for your hearing in peace.

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