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Protect Yourself From These Tricky Bail Bond Scams!

Time is an important factor when you’re working to bail a loved one out of jail, which is why some people might choose to work with a bail bond company without investigating them. Scammers all around the world profit off of the vulnerability of these people by offering fake or scam bail bond services. Here are a few common scams to look out for when searching for a bail bond agency.

Phony Bondsmen

If you ever get an unsolicited email from someone claiming to be a bail bondsman, don’t reply. Reputable bondsmen don’t seek clients out through email, but scammers do. This common scam starts with emails being sent to police officers until one opens the attached link or file. Spyware will then be installed, giving the scammer access to arrest and bail records. The co-signers listed will receive emails claiming they need to make another payment, usually because there was a problem with the case.

The Grandchild Scam

This scam is most commonly targeted at elderly people, and it has already scammed Americans out of over $41 million. Scammers will call elderly citizens and tell them their grandchild has been arrested. They’ll even claim the grandparent is the only person they can reach to bail the person out. Any grandparent could be susceptible to this scam, especially if they’re naturally protective of their grandchildren. Once the scammer has convinced their new victim, they’ll ask for large amounts of money to be handed over as soon as possible. 

Suspiciously Cheap Bail Bonds

Desperate family members or friends trying to bail a loved one out might choose to work with the cheapest agency they can find. Cheap bonds are usually too good to be true. You might end up being hit with hidden fees or mandatory collateral after signing the contract, especially if you haven’t read the fine print. Even if you’re in a tough financial situation, search out a reputable bail bond agency so you can have the comfort of knowing you aren’t being set up for a scam.

How to Protect Yourself From Bail Bond Scams

These scams are all scary, but you don’t have to let yourself fall victim. With a few simple rules, you’ll be able to weed out suspicious agencies and avoid losing money to bail bond scammers. 

When dealing with any industry you don’t know much about, it’s best to remain skeptical of everyone you speak to. If an agency tries to market themselves to you through unsolicited phone calls or emails, don’t respond and do not click any links they send. Always ask a company for proof of their licensing and insurance before choosing to work with them. A reputable agency should have no problems with giving you this information.

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