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Reasons Why Your Bail Could be Revoked by the Court

The process of posting bail is a practice that has been around for centuries. It is designed to encourage defendants to behave properly when dealing with the courts. If the defendant arrives on time and acts respectably, they can even have their bail amount returned to them (if they chose to handle this process themselves). If not, the money that was paid for bail in the first place is gone for good. After the bail amount has been paid, the defendant can be released until their next hearing. At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX, our team of knowledgeable bail bondsman knows just how confusing the bail process can be, and why it’s important to always be on your best behavior when dealing with the courts. 

The fact that a bail amount was established, and then posted for your release does not mean you are free and clear. It is still entirely possible to have your bail payment revoked by the courts based on certain circumstances. The defendant must exhibit the best possible behavior so as not to face this problem. To help our readers, and customers, get a better understanding of how to avoid having their bail revoked, we decided to take a little time to go over some of the main reasons why the court might decide to revoke bail. 

Creating a Disturbance or Disruption While in Court

Nobody likes the prospect of being convicted of a crime and sentenced to time behind bars. Therefore it is understandable that you use all available tools to prevent this. However, if you engage in illegal activities to do so or act maliciously against the court, the judge can withdraw your bail and send you to jail immediately as punishment. For example, a man who was facing serious charges had his bail revoked by the court because he was caught intimidating witnesses. After being released from jail, the man sought witnesses in his case and threatened to hurt them. The man was charged and taken to prison. Threatening witnesses, bribery of jury members and similar behavior inside or outside the courtroom can be immediate grounds for having your bail revoked. 

Committing Fraud

It is very important that you present yourself and your situation as accurately as possible when you are dealing with the courts. If not, you might be accused of fraud and your bail agreement will be revoked. For example, if you tell the judge that you make less money than you make to convince the judge to reduce the bail amount, then your bail will be revoked when the court learns the truth. Remember that misrepresentations are not always direct lies – they can take many forms. Failure to provide information on time and obscure facts can also be considered fraud. For this reason, you need a lawyer to handle the court process effectively. 

If You Are a Threat to the Community

Another potential reason why defendants have their bail revoked is when the court determines them to be a threat to the community at large. This usually happens when the defendant commits another crime after their release. The best way to avoid returning to jail is to comply with your release requirements and avoid problems. If you are arrested a second time while already out on bail from an arrest, then it could be a reason for the court to revoke your bail agreement and deny your chances of getting released. 

Trust A-EZ Out Bail Bonds in Dallas, Texas to Handle Your Bail Process

If you’ve been arrested and released on bail, then chances are high you’re feeling a range of emotions related to the experience. Instead of trying to struggle through the process alone, the best option you have available is to reach out to our team of experienced bail bond agents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so we can help you navigate the confusing process of securing bail and get back to leading your normal life.

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