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Should You Bail Them Out of Jail: Things to Consider

Perhaps nothing outside of a death in the family or divorce could send more shock waves than getting a call from a very close loved one telling you they’ve been arrested and needs help bonding out of jail. 

Depending on the crime, it can alter the course of the rest of his or her life and create permanent fractures in your relationship with them. You have a decision to make. Should you or should you not bail them out? 

Only you can answer that question definitively. But before you do, ask yourself the following questions. 

Has My Loved One Ever Given Me a Reason Not to Trust Them?

Let’s precursor this by stating people are arrested every day for crimes they didn’t commit. If that’s what is happening, then you should definitely try to help in any way you can. If they are guilty, however, you may want to ask this question and scrutinize the answer. 

Bailing someone out of jail who has a history of untrustworthy behavior can create headaches. You’re essentially agreeing to put up 10 percent of a bail bond that could be tens of thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of dollars. If they fail to show, then you went to all that extra trouble for nothing. 

Can I Actually Afford It? 

Let’s say it’s a somewhat serious crime with a $50,000 bail amount. That obligates one to at least $5,000 in out-of-pocket expenses to secure the bond. Can you afford to part with that much in liquidity with zero guarantees you’ll actually be paid back? 

If the answer is no and you still want to help, then you can always enter into a payment plan with the bail bonds service and then try to get whatever repayment you can from your loved one after the matter has been settled and he or she is back on their feet. 

Will They Actually Pay Me Back? 

This is an important question to ask because, even if you don’t expect repayment, willingly forking out that money creates the possibility of tension in your relationship. It’s hard to make that kind of sacrifice without feeling a little resentment. Are you willing to take that chance? 

Why You Should Consider Regardless

Sometimes we make bad decisions. When that happens, we need a little extra help. If you have a loved one who gets in trouble with the law, those troubles are rarely going to improve while they’re stuck in a jail cell. Assisting them on bail is a way to get them out pending the trial. During that time, you can help them set their lives on the right path so they’re able to have a fresh start after sentencing has past and their debt to society is paid. 

At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, we work with our clients in Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties to make bail as accessible and less confusing as possible, whether dealing directly with the defendant or their generous and caring loved ones. Click here for contact information or to learn more about what we can do for you. 

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