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Texas’ Alcohol Laws- No Booze on Sundays

If you live in Texas, you are probably aware of the alcohol laws. Are you a little unfamiliar with them? Let’s run you through some of the game-changing laws, especially now that new ones came out just last year. It’s important to understand the rules, so you don’t run into trouble. Whether you own a business and sell alcohol, or you are simply a consumer, here is what you need to know about Texas’ alcohol laws.

When Can You Buy Beer and Wine?

Groceries and convenience stores can sell beer and wine on Monday through Saturday, from 7:00 AM to Midnight. As for Sundays, the new law now allows you to purchase wine or beer starting at 10:00 AM, rather than waiting until noon.

Liquor Sales: No Booze Sundays

On the other hand, you are still not able to purchase liquor on Sundays as part of the alcohol laws, even with the new laws in place. While you have the freedom to purchase wine and beer on Sunday mornings, you will need to purchase liquor the night before or on Monday. Liquor stores must remain closed on Sundays, and you can’t purchase liquor on New Year’s, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day. However, you can purchase liquor Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM to midnight.

So, No Liquor on Sundays?

There are a few exceptions to the law. If you are at a bar, sporting event, restaurant, concert, festival, or fair, you are able to buy liquor from 10 A.M. to noon on Sundays. However, if you are at a bar or restaurant, you have to buy food with your drink as well.

Alcohol To-Go

In addition to the new laws that were passed last September, restaurants are allowed to include wine, beer, and cocktails in delivery or pick-up orders. Although this is an exciting time, make sure you are making smart choices. Don’t start drinking that to-go drink until after you arrived at your destination.

Blue Laws

Due to the “blue laws,” certain things are closed on Sundays or prohibited to be sold on Sundays. This is the reason that liquor can’t be sold. These laws started off as a way to highlight Sunday as a day of worship and rest. Some of the bans included the sale of pans, pots, washing machines, and cars.

Texan Liquor Control Act

The “no liquor on Sundays” law dates back to 1935. It is known as the Texan Liquor Control Act, which was passed after prohibition was repealed.

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