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Texas Penalties for Repeat DWI Offenses

In the state of Texas, a defendant’s third DWI offense is treated as a felony DWI and comes with more severe penalties than the first or second on your record. Although your punishment depends on circumstances like your criminal record and how much damage you caused, it’s likely that you’ll face at least one of the following penalties.

You Could be Fined or Jailed

A felony DWI charge in the state of Texas is punishable by a fine not exceeding $10,000, along with annual fees. A felony DWI charge can also land you in jail for anywhere between two and ten years, depending on your case and what the court believes is best for you. It is possible to get out early on parole if you exhibit good behavior.

You Might be on Probation or Parole

It’s possible that you won’t be sentenced to jail at all, or that your sentence will include some jail time and a probation period. Some defendants facing felony DWI charges are given probation by the judge during trial. Probation means you’ll be allowed to stay within your community as long as you complete the terms.

If you’re sentenced to jail time, you might be able to pursue parole after you’ve completed part of your sentence. Parole is usually granted if the defendant shows good behavior in jail, and it usually comes with some of the same terms as a probation.

For a felony DWI, the terms of your probation or parole will include 160-600 hours of community service. You might also be required to do a mandatory stay at an addiction rehabilitation center or spend a minimum number of hours in twelve step meetings.

You Could Lose Your License

As a felony DWI offender, you will have your driver’s license suspended for a minimum of 180 days and a maximum of two years. This is a measure law enforcement needs to take in order to remove dangerous drivers from the road. If you complete your suspension without driving illegally or breaking any terms of your punishment, your license will be returned to you.

Your Car Might get an Ignition Interlock Device

It’s likely that your car will be impounded after you’re convicted of a felony DWI, unless the impound would be a serious burden for your family. If the removal of your car would prevent family members from getting to school or work, the court might opt to put an ignition interlock device in the vehicle instead. Ignition interlock devices require you to blow into a breathalyzer and give a sober reading before they allow your car to start. If the test detects any alcohol, your ignition will be locked and you won’t be able to start your vehicle.

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