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True Crime Weekly: The OxyMonster

The takedown of dark web drug dealer ‘OxyMonster’ came about with a shockingly innocent blunder. The Frenchman was journeying to Austin, Texas to show off his long-reddish brown beard at the world beard-growing championship, but the DEA was waiting to nab him the moment he stepped off the plane. The international drug kingpin’s descent started when he unknowingly sold illicit drugs to undercover DEA agents on Dream Market. After some sleuthing, they deduced his true identity and the rest was history. Today, we’ll tell you the story of Gal Vallerius– The OxyMonster.  

What is the Dream Market?

Dream Market is a popular dark web marketplace that was founded in 2013. It was the largest, longest-running, and most popular dark web marketplace for years. Since the DEA captured the vendors running the site, the government has taken over the Dream Market servers, effectively stopping people from trading illicit goods for cryptocurrency. 

Vallerius admitted that he started selling drugs on the marketplace before getting promoted. Soon he also began orchestrating sales for other users on the platform, distributing large quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, oxycodone, and other drugs. Shortly before Vallerius was arrested in August 2017, authorities became aware of more than 94,000 listings on Dream Market. 47,000 of which were illegal drug listings.

The Kingpin. The Legend. The OxyMonster.

It’s easy to laugh at this story. Yeah, the OxyMonster sold and distributed dangerous drugs across international borders. That’s bad and could’ve had some serious ramifications, but the absurdity of it all is astounding. 

Here is a man that was making a killing in cryptocurrency who lost it all and is now serving twenty years in prison because he wanted to show off his luxurious beard at an American competition. Unfortunately for him, he never got to compete in the full-beard category that he signed up for because he was detained at the airport. By now, you may be wondering what was the man behind it all was really like. 

By all accounts, Gal Vallerius was a quiet, seemingly harmless man who got along with nearly everyone. However, it’s now apparent that he also had a dark side. The OxyMonster was selling drugs like crystal methamphetamine, LSD, and hydrocodone to anyone who could pay. Then, he shipped the drugs to various addresses in Miami. 

How He Got Caught

The DEA ended up tracking Vallerius down through his Instagram and Twitter accounts. They were able to identify him because Vallerius and The OxyMonster’s writing styles mirrored each other almost exactly. Some of his more unique language helped them pin down The OxyMonster’s real identity. Both online personas used the word “cheers”, frequent double exclamation points, and an above average usage of quotation marks. 

Once they had enough information, they were later able to connect the man and the myth by analyzing his electronic devices which they seized upon his arrest at the Atlanta airport. 

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