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The State of Crime in Dallas-Ft. Worth

As a major city in the state of Texas, there is a lot of scrutiny on the crime rate in Dallas. Crime rates are a major consideration for people who may be thinking about moving to a city. When businesses or individuals are looking for places to live and do business, they have to feel confident that they will be safe. The state of crime in the city also makes a difference when you have to deal with courts and the bail system. It’s good to know what kind of load the system is under and what kinds of inmates you or a loved one may encounter if they are arrested.

Increased Homicide Rate in Dallas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent more state police into Dallas as the city experiences a spike in shootings. Last weekend was Dallas’ deadliest of the year, with seven fatal shootings, bringing the homicide count for the year to 220. The total surpassed last year’s 210 homicides, but fell far below the record high of 500 in 1991. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said the swell of violent crime required an “all-hands-on-deck response.” Abbott said that at the request of city police, he was sending special agents, troopers, intelligence analysts and Texas Rangers to “reduce violent crime and protect the communities in the city of Dallas.” 

Violent Crime During COVID-19

Even with people quarantined for so long violent crime numbers are up. Following a deadly 2019 in which more than 200 homicides were reported — up 27.3% over the year before — police Chief U. Renee Hall released a plan aimed at reducing violent crime in the city, which set a goal of a 5% overall reduction in violent crime. With only a few weeks left in 2020, the city’s homicide tally of 224 — rising almost daily — already has eclipsed 2019′s 209 deaths. You have to go back well over a decade to find numbers like those. Separately, aggravated assault that is not related to family violence is up 32%.

Fort Worth has also seen a rise in homicides this year during Covid 19. The rise is over 42% higher than last year. Fort Worth has the third highest rise in the country. The only two cities with higher percentages are Austin with 64% and Chicago with 52%. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and abuse is also up all over the country, the DFW area is no exception. The rise in numbers is speculated to be because of being stuck together, having the fears not only of the virus, but of money issues, and work issues, and then having the children at home all day, every day. 

Deaths linked to domestic violence are also on the rise. Since March 2020, 17 people have died as a result of domestic violence, making it the county’s worst year on record for domestic violence homicides, according to preliminary findings from the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office. That’s a 112% increase from 2019, when eight deaths were linked to domestic violence. The increase in domestic violence homicides is not isolated to Tarrant County, but has been seen across the country.

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