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The Weirdest Crimes Ever Committed in History

Now, we know that humans are nothing short of creative. Although most of this creativity is manifested in music, paintings, movies, and books, crimes also get some of the creative action. People have gotten arrested for so many types of crimes in history, and some people like to stand apart from others. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is here to relate some of the most twisted, morbid, and weirdest crimes ever committed in history.

Arizona Man Steals Wheelchair 

During a ride on a commuter train, Austin Shurbutt was caught on video trying to steal a wheelchair that was in use by an elderly woman. Austin, 26, was wearing reindeer slippers and a holiday red sweatshirt during the attack. We can take a wild guess that this man will be on Santa’s naughty list.

Buy Child at Walmart

Rebecca Taylor, a Texas woman of 49, was accused of trying to buy another woman’s baby at the self-checkout line in Walmart. Taylor offered hundreds of thousands of dollars for the child. As the mother resisted, Taylor continued to insist, while raising her offer. She even followed the mother and child into the parking lot. Taylor and a female companion began calling out to the baby by his name, even though the mother never told them it. Rebecca Taylor was charged with the offense of the sale or purchase of a child, and she has gone down in history for committing one of the weirdest crimes in Walmart to date.

Vandalizing Jesus

Blair Whitten crashed her ex-boyfriend’s funeral in Fargo, North Dakota. She plowed through a cemetery during his funeral services and tried to run people over. But her chaos didn’t begin there. Just weeks before the funeral, she also vandalized the statue of Jesus, spray painting his face black.

Pepperoni or Razor Blades?

Nicholas Mitchell was accused of putting razor blades and screws in pizza dough at supermarkets in New Hampshire and Maine. He was arrested in 2020 after razor blades were found in the dough at a Hannaford store in Saco. 

The Decapitated Head in the Box of Sex Toys 

Maria Del Carmen asked a neighbor to store her box of sex toys while police investigated her home for clues about her missing husband. The neighbors got suspicious once the box started to stink. To their horrible surprise, they discovered that the box contained the rotting head of Del Carmen’s missing husband. The rest of the remains were never found.

Priest Vandalizes Altar with Threesome Activities

Former Louisiana priest, Travis Clark, engaged in a threesome with Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng on the altar. They were originally charged with obscenity, which was later dropped and they were charged with vandalism instead. The church burned down the altar after this act, to cleanse themselves of the priest’s horrid sin. 

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