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The Weirdest Laws in Texas

Breaking the law is easy. In fact, it’s probably much easier than we all think. There are some serious laws that we never hope to violate, but that’s not all. Apparently, every state has its fair share of weird laws that people break without even knowing. The same applies to the State of Texas. Some Texas laws catch us by surprise, and we can’t help but wonder what led to these laws in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest laws in Texas.

Get Your Own Milk!

You know what it’s like to run out of milk when you need it the most. The store is too far away, so you just ask your neighbor for some. That’s a pretty standard situation that we’ve all maybe been through. Not all neighbors have cows, but if they do, don’t even think about getting some fresh milk yourself.

In the state of Texas, it’s illegal to milk another person’s cow. The law sees it as property theft. You may not get a hefty fine, but it’s not worth getting into trouble anyway.

Don’t Touch My Trash

Unfortunately, some people are forced to dig through trash to find food. It might be embarrassing to do so in your own neighborhood, but it’s not just about embarrassment. Digging through your neighbor’s trash can cost you some trouble because it’s illegal!

This law also has to do with property theft and trespassing. However, you can still rummage through their trash legally if you get your neighbor’s permission.

Books Are Dangerous

Being a bookworm is great. Reading can improve your vocabulary, expand your imagination, and do wonders for you in general. On the other hand, not all books are safe to keep. According to one of the weirdest laws in Texas, you cannot own a copy of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Even more surprisingly, you can’t own Britannica because one of its volumes contains a formula for making beer at home. You can make beer at home, but it’s illegal to sell it to others.

Pick Your Transportation Wisely

There are many modes of transport you can choose to move around Texas. However, there are things you cannot do. One of the illegal transportation options is riding a horse or a buggy through a town square.

This law may not be too strange because town squares are places where people like to gather. So it would be dangerous and irresponsible to move this way through a crowd. That especially applies to horses. After all, this isn’t the wild West.

A-EZ Out Has Your Back

Breaking any law, weird or not, and getting arrested can be stressful. Nobody likes to be in jail, and that’s where A-EZ Out Bail Bonds steps in. We deal with DFW bail bonds 24/7 and are available to you whenever you might need us. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents. Let’s get your life back on track!

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