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Tips for Finding a Job with a Criminal Record

After your release from jail, you’ll need to find a job. Your criminal record can make the job search a bit more difficult. It may be hard to land that first interview and hiring managers may be reluctant to hire you. This doesn’t mean you will never find a secure job, but you need to understand what resources are available. Once you do, it’ll be much easier to find employment.

Research Background Check Policies

Some businesses do not have strict background check policies. Many companies that are growing quickly don’t bother with them, especially for entry-level positions.

Other companies actively look for people who have a criminal record and want to be a restored citizen. They know that part of the rehabilitation process in prison trains inmates for real-world jobs. These companies want to hire ex-convicts because they believe they have an excellent work ethic. A judge may also require a parolee to hold down a job for a specific amount of time. This guarantees that if they train you, you will stay around for a while.

Some industries where rehabilitated criminals are being placed with success include logistics, manufacturing, graphic design, counseling, driving, painting, landscaping, cooking, tech and engineering, sales and marketing, and certain government jobs.

Second Chance Employers

There are also companies that will hire people with a criminal background. They have recruitment programs, training, and management programs to ensure success in your new role. Some of those businesses are Kohl’s, PetSmart, Ace Hardware, Denny’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Xerox, Sprint, and Manpower. The list of companies that hire people with criminal records is constantly growing. Focus on entry-level roles as a way for companies to get to know you. Some companies even classify themselves as second chance jobs and employ people after they’re released from jail. After you prove that you’re a good fit for the company, they may consider you for promotions.

Be Honest

Be honest as you begin searching for a job. Disclose any information that will appear on a background check. If possible, you should run your own background check so you know what your potential employer will see. This gives you a chance to explain your past. It’s always better to openly discuss your situation with an employer before they run a background check. It’s hard to explain after they get your results, and they may think you were trying to lie to them.

Before you disclose personal information, verify that there will be a background check. When you fill out an application read the questions carefully and only include relevant information. Don’t risk losing a job, because you overshared. If your criminal record does come up be positive and share the lessons you learned. Emphasize that you learned from your mistakes and you have a lot to offer the company.

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