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Were You Arrested for Battery or Assault?

If you were arrested for battery or assault, you may be wondering how you will get out of jail. Well, we have some good news for you. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds can grant you a speedy release with a simple call. We have been servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years, and our bondsmen have dealt with all kinds of charges. We also offer complete confidentiality, so you can rest assured that all your personal information will be in safe hands. Everyone deserves a second chance. We will bail you out of jail, so you can build a great defense system for trial.

What Is Battery and Assault?

In the state of Texas, battery and assault are two different crimes. Although they are fairly similar, one is a physical threat and the other one is acted on. Battery is actual bodily contact that results in injury. Meanwhile, assault is threatening another person with bodily harm. There are different levels for these charges: knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly. Depending on the type of charge, you could either be facing a large fine, jail time, or both.

A Class C misdemeanor can land you a fine of about $500. A Class B misdemeanor can result in jail time of up to 180 days and a fine of up to $2,000. If you get a Class A charge, you may face up to a year in jail and fines ranging to $4,000. If you get a felony charge, you could serve from 2 years to a life sentence.

What Happens After Arrested for Battery or assault?

You will most likely be taken to the county jail. There, authorities will take your fingerprints and photograph. They will also document your belongings and book your stay. You will get the chance to make one or two phone calls. Don’t disclose any details about the crime because conversations are often recorded and can be used against you in trial.

You will receive an arraignment date. This is when you face the judge, and they tell you what you have been convicted of and if you qualify for bail. There are multiple factors that influence the judge’s decision, such as your flight risk, severity of the crime, and your criminal record.

How Does Bail Work?

If the judge decides to grant you bail, they will state the amount at the arraignment too. Bail is usually set pretty high, and you can only pay it in cash. Once you pay it, you can await trial from home. This cash can be from your friends or family members, or from the cash you had on you when you were arrested. However, you may not be able to afford it. That’s where A-EZ Out Bail Bonds comes in. We will post bail for you.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds Has Your Back

All you have to pay is a small percentage of the bail amount to secure a bond with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds. We accept credit and offer a variety of payment options too. We will then cover the rest of the bail amount and get you out of jail. You will be able to seek a lawyer and build your defense system from the comfort of your home. So, if you have been arrested for battery or assault charges, don’t hesitate to call.

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